Between 30 May and 1 June, our tree team felled a number of specimens around Portobello and Orange Streets.

The trees were removed as part of the site preparation for the Royce Discovery Centre, which will be built on the corner of Orange Street and Portobello, with construction due to start during the summer. Although the limitations of the site make it difficult to replace the trees in the immediate locality, we will endeavour to plant replacement trees as close by as possible. We always aim to replant at least two trees for everyone felled and will replace these with some mature specimens later this year – hopefully around St George’s Church.

The work had to be done at very short notice, and unfortunately we omitted to let people know through this news page.

Our tree team leader Alan Henderson is happy to meet with staff to discuss the work to protect and maintain our tree collection. We remain committed to the preservation and management of the University's 10,000 plus trees and only fell them when it is essential for building and development purposes, when they are diseased, or pose a health and safety risk.