The following work is planned in coming months.

Around the student residences:

  • A large beech tree just off Endcliffe Vale Road, at the entrance to the Edge, has succumbed to intense white rot. We are concerned about its stability so it is likely to be removed on 28 December - due to its size a large crane will be required. A large lime tree will be planted in the same place between 2019-2020.
  • Unfortunately another large beech tree at the rear of Millstone Block on Endcliffe Vale Road has been over-run by a honey fungus. We're hoping to remove the tree in January-February 2019.
  • On our grounds, just off Westbourne Road, a sycamore tree has an 'included union' which is starting to show the starts of cracking. Given its proximity to the nearby junior school, it is sensible to remove the specimen. This work will likely be removed over the Christmas period.
  • A beech tree on the paddock area at the entrance to Endcliffe Crescent flats has succumbed to old age and will be removed in early 2019.

In other news:

After a real Christmas tree was ordered for the University but went unused by a department, our Landscape Team donated it to a fostering residential centre where it has been decorated and enjoyed by underprivileged children.