Key Contacts

Need to get in touch? We've provided a list of the key contacts within Engineering for postgraduate research.

Department/Area Post Name Email
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) Head of Department (HOD) Prof Daniel Coca
ACSE PGR Admissions Tutor Dr Inaki Esnaola
ACSE PGR Progression Tutor

Interim: Dr Inaki Esnaola

Dr Roderich Gross (From February 2019)
ACSE Admissions and Progression Frances Bright
ACSE Research Support Manager Matthew Ham
ACSE Business Development Manager (BDM) Stuart Wrigley
ACSE PGR Student Support Officer Renata Goddard
Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) HOD Prof Jim Litster
CBE PGR  Admissions Tutor Dr Jagroop Pandhal (On Sabbatical until Jan 2019)
CBE PGR Progression Tutor Dr Denis Cumming 
CBE Admissions and Progression Tanya Berresford
CBE BDM Dr Andrew Ferguson
Civil and Structural Engineering (CIV) HOD Prof Joby Boxall 
CIV PGR Admissions Tutor Dr Jonathan Black 
CIV PGR  Progression Tutor Prof Luca Susmel
CIV Admissions

Nicky Nash
CIV Admissions Emily Dorman
CIV Progression Emily Dorman
Computer Science (COM) HOD Prof Guy Brown
COM PGR Admissions Tutor Prof Roger Moore
COM PGR Progression Tutor Prof Georg Struth
COM Admissions 

Georgia-Jay Sapsford

COM Progression Karen Barker
COM Research and Innovation Manager Lucy Moffatt
Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) HOD Prof Geraint Jewell
EEE PGR Admissions Tutor Dr Andy Maiden
EEE PGR Progression Tutors

Dr Salam Khamas

Dr Thomas Walther

EEE Admissions and Progression

Hilary Levesley

Frances Bright (Mon-Tues, Progression)

EEE BDM Sara Gawthorpe
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) HOD Prof Derek Sinclair
MSE PGR Admissions Tutor Prof John Provis
MSE PGR Progression Tutor Dr Tom Hayward
MSE Admissions Andrew Keating
MSE Progression Ann Newbould
MSE BDM Dr Neil Lowrie
Mechanical Engineering (MEC) HOD Prof Neil Sims
MEC PGR Admissions Tutor Dr Jose Curiel Sosa
MEC PGR Progression Tutor

Dr Bill Nimmo

MEC Admissions Marina Boulis
MEC Progression Adele Blinston
MEC BDM Chris Drew
Advanced Metallic Systems Project Manager Sharon Brown
Advanced Metallic Systems Administrator Lynn Li
Engineering and Water (STREAM) STREAM Manager (Sheffield) Dr James Shucksmith
Next Generation Nuclear NGN Support Andrew Keating
Machining Science

Centre Manager

IDC admin assistant

Clare Clarke

Francesca Breeden

Energy Storage Centre Manager Sharon Brown
Integrated Tribology Centre Manager Kim Matthews

Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy

Admin Support Lisa Flaherty
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) PGR Tutor Dr Pete Osborne