Green Impact at the ELTC

Green Impact is a National Union of Students project to encourage staff and students to make positive changes to our environmental practice.  Watch the NUS Green Impact video here.  You can also join the Carbon Neutral University Network.  In response to student campaigns, the University divested from fossil fuels. 

At the ELTC we're working hard to be greener and learn more about sustainability.  Our language courses include projects about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  We achieved the Bronze level Green Impact award in 2013, Silver in 2014 and Gold in 2015 and 2016!  This is how:

WASTE We reduce waste by using washable cups (instead of disposables).  We ask you to bring your own cups and bottles when you use the water coolers - this avoids a lot of plastic waste!  We recycle as much as we can.  We cut  printing and photocopying by 25% using online materials and electronic submissions for student projects.  You can donate things you don't want to charity using the bin outside our building.

ENERGY We save energy by switching off lights and computers.  We shut doors and windows so that the air-conditioning system does not have to work so hard, and we keep it set to recommended temperatures - you can see them on the thermostat control panel in each room.

TRAVEL We walk or cycle  to work when possible, or use public transport and encourage students and visitors to do the same.  See How to find us for more details.  We join in cycle to work days and other green travel events.  You can use these links to plan walking routes and find out more about  cycling in Sheffield and about Green Travel.  Staff can join the car-sharing scheme.

SUPPLIES We try to reduce our environmental impact when we buy the things we use at the ELTC, such as recycled paper.  

BIODIVERSITY AND COMMUNITY We support local environmental groups, Food Banks and charity appeals.

COMMUNICATIONS We are building this webpage to keep you informed about Green Impact, and you can find out more by following the links here and by looking at our notice boards at the ELTC. We include environmental topics in our teaching, in student conversation and reading clubs and in other activities.  We will do much more with your help in the future!

GET INVOLVED!  Visit My Sustainable Campus to find out more about how the university plans to reduce carbon emissions and to see what Student Services are doing.  Think about what you can do to help.  At the ELTC, contact Deborah Cobbett, Sarah Shahid or Zoe G.

Green Impact Team 2017