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What is it? Who is it for? Minimum Age
Business English language course Anyone who wants to improve their English skills within a business context 25
Level Cost When?
CEFR B2 to C1 £380 per week - fee includes all tuition and materials September to June
Hours Maximum Class Size
Accommodation Social Programme
21 per week (full-time) 10 students Available Available

Who is it for?

Our Core Business and Professional English Programme covers all of the essential skills and language you need to be successful in your workplace. The course is taught by Business and Language professionals and runs from September to June.

The course is ideal for company personnel who wish to improve their Professional Skills and Business English language in a commercial context in the shortest possible time. Participants will usually have several years professional working experience and already be well established in their chosen career.

Our clients typically work in the following industries:

  • Financial services
  • Legal services
  • Manufacturing
  • Media communications
  • Management and Leadership
  • Operations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Logistics
  • National Government and Administration
  • Local government and Administration

Learning Business English has broadened my horizons globally. I no longer hesitate to speak in English.

Yoshiki Sasa, Asst. Manager, Toyo Aluminium KK Japan

The course will benefit any company employee who needs to develop effective communication skills in English for use in their working life.

What are the benefits?

Whichever course you decide to take with us, you can expect to improve your Business and Professional English in the following ways:

  • communicate more confidently
  • speak more accurately and fluently
  • write more accurately and fluently
  • participate more successfully in meetings
  • improve your written English including emailing
  • expand your professional vocabulary
  • improve your understanding of grammar
  • socialise and network with greater confidence
  • work successfully in a cross-cultural environment

In addition to the advantages outlined above, you can expect to be able to manage meetings and negotiations more effectively, improve your presentation skills, expand your business vocabulary, use the telephone with greater confidence as well as being able to discuss management theory and leadership skills with greater confidence.

Course Outline

The course comprises 21 hours a week of small group tuition during weekday daytimes and the following modules are covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Meetings – covering such topics as - Agreeing and disagreeing, Interrupting, Asking appropriate questions, Clarifying and confirming, Asking for comments, Summarising, Challenging/defending an opinion, Persuading and compromising, Making proposals, offers, suggestions, Opening/closing meetings.
  • Management (Theory and Practice) – This is taught by experienced lecturers from The University of Sheffield Management School and is delivered in an interactive lecture format. There are plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion. It is also possible to audit specific lectures and presentations on the MBA and MSc in Management programmes at the University of Sheffield Management School.
  • Negotiating including persuasion, selling techniques
  • Presentations including: Presentation of one’s own work, organisation
  • and products/services and figures and graphs and describing
  • economic and social trends
  • Pronunciation and voice training
  • Business English vocabulary
  • Teleconferencing and telephoning in English
  • Networking
  • E-mailing in English
  • Case studies and discussion
  • Cross-cultural awareness/working across cultures
  • Communication in an international context
  • including intercultural understanding
  • Economist and Harvard Business Review Readings
  • Current affairs focusing on BBC news and listening

Personal tutorial

All participants will have a 30 minute 1-1 tutorial with their assigned tutor every two weeks. The purpose of this is to highlight any study areas that need work and to provide pastoral support where needed. This is in addition to the 21 hours of tuition.

Group size

Maximum 10 students per group from a diverse range of nationalities.

Entry Requirements & Average age of participants

The minimum English requirement for the course is 5.0 overall in IELTS / 650 in TOEIC or similar.
We do not teach children or young adults. Most participants have several years’ experience of working. The minimum age is 25 and there is no maximum age. The average age of our clients is 33.
Therefore you will be studying in a serious environment with highly motivated people.

Business & Professional English Student Discussion

Tuition Fee

Tuition fees in the 2019-20 academic year are £380 per week for the core Business & Professional English programme. This covers:

  • All tuition, materials and text books
  • 1-1 tutorial
  • Full report that includes our assessment of your competence and our trainer's recommendations for further study.
  • Comprehensive Social Programme
  • Company visit
  • Interactive Business and Management lecture every two weeks
  • Full enrolment as a student of The University of Sheffield. Benefits include discounted gym membership, swimming pool and use of sports facilities, reduced travel costs on public transport in Sheffield and reductions at many restaurants and bars.

Course dates

The minimum enrolment period for the Business & Professional English Core Programme is two weeks. You can join on any Monday during our standard full-time term dates:

2019 - 20

Term 1 - Monday September 30th 2019 to Friday December 20th 2019

Term 2 - Monday January 20th 2020 to Friday April 3rd 2020

Term 3 - Monday April 27th 2020 to Friday June 12th 2020

If you require a course outside of the dates listed above, we may be able to offer this. Please visit our Special & Bespoke Courses webpage for more information.


We can offer a range of accommodation options for all needs:
We have an excellent homestay scheme which caters for executive clients. The cost is £21 per night per person and includes bed, breakfast and evening meal, laundry service and inclusion into British family life.
If you would prefer more flexibility we can arrange self-catering accommodation in one of our University Halls of Residence for you. Please contact us for prices.
We can also recommend Hotels in the area that would be suitable for you. Prices vary with different types of accommodation.

Airport Transfer

We can arrange Airport Transfers for individuals or groups. This service costs £70 from Manchester Airport, and £200 from London Heathrow Airport each way. Please contact us for further information.

Educational Visits & Social Programme

As part of the course we arrange regular educational visits to sites around Sheffield and further afield. Locations include museums, galleries, historical buildings and places of natural beauty and scientific interest. You will be accompanied by your tutors and these visits usually include a tour or a talk from a knowledgeable guide or an expert in a particular field.

Our dedicated Activities Co-ordinator and Social Team also arrange weekly activities and events during term time to help you relax and socialise outside of the classroom. Regular activities include football, basketball, badminton, ice-skating, restaurant trips, cinema visits and during Term 4 in the Summer we arrange weekend day-trips to nearby cities such as Manchester, York, Lincoln, Leeds, Liverpool & Chester. Many of these activities are free but some have a small charge (approx £3-10). Our ELTC Student Website is regularly updated with information about upcoming activities.

Cancellations and changes to bookings can be made without penalty and full refunds will be given.

Students on an Educational Visit to the Lake District

Get Further Information

You can contact Helen Johnstone, Business & Professional English Academic Director, with any enquiries you may have about our courses:

E-mail -
Phone - +44 (0)114 222 4921

How to Apply

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