ELTC CAS Information

Please note that due to UK Visas & Immigration regulations we must wait until there are less than three months until the start date of your ELTC course before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

In 2009, the UK introduced a Points Based System (PBS) for visa applications. Tier 4 of this system relates to International students (ie those from outside the EU/EEA) applying to study in the UK. Under the Points Based System, applicants must be sponsored by an institution, such as the University of Sheffield, which is registered with the UK government's Home Office as an "approved education provider" (please note that this is not the same as financial sponsorship).

To confirm their sponsorship, anyone who applies for a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK must include with their visa application a unique Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number, linking them to the institution where they intend to study.

Please be aware that when students who have applied to study in the UK are issued with a CAS number, they become subject to Home Office rules on monitoring international students. This means that we will have to report you to the Home Office if you don’t register at the University, or if you don’t attend your course.

The following table describes how to request a standard CAS for your ELTC course and explains the steps we have to undertake before your CAS can be issued.

Stage What will happen Estimated timescale
1 After successfully applying for an ELTC course you will be sent an offer letter. Attached to the offer letter is an acceptance form which you need to complete in order to confirm your place on the course. On the acceptance form you will be asked whether you require a CAS number to apply for a Tier 4 visa. If you do require a CAS you should indicate this on your acceptance form before returning it to us.
2 When we receive your acceptance form we will send your details to the University's Admissions Department who will create a record of your CAS request.

Within 10 working days of either you returning your acceptance form to request a CAS or when there are less than 3 months remaining until the start of your course.

Please be aware that these steps may take longer between April and September each year due to the high volume of CAS requests we receive during this time.


After the Admissions Department have created a CAS record, the ELTC will undertake a number of checks to ensure you are eligible for a CAS. These checks include ensuring we have the correct personal details recorded for you, checking the validity of your passport and English test certificate, confirming your study history meets the eligibility requirements for a Tier 4 visa (if you have previously studied in the UK) and confirming financial support (for sponsored students). We are required to make these checks by UK Visas & Immigration.

If we need to contact you in order to request further information or supporting documents while undertaking these checks it will cause your CAS to be delayed. We therefore strongly recommend you complete the application form in full and provide all the supporting documentation indicated on the application form when you first apply for your course.

4 Your details will be sent to UK Visas & Immigration who will allocate a CAS number for you. Within 1 working day of your CAS eligbility checks being completed.
5 We will send you a CAS Confirmation Email confirming that your CAS number has been allocated. You will then be able to view your CAS number and CAS statement by logging in to the pre-registration website using your pre-registration username and password. Within 1 working day of your CAS request being sent to UK Visas & Immigration
6 After you have received your CAS number you can find details of how to make your visa application on the University's International Student Support webpages from overseas or from within the UK. Please note that you will only be able to apply for your visa a maximum of three months before the date your course is due to start.  

Combined CAS - For 6 and 4 week Pre-sessional Course Applicants

Postgraduate and Study Abroad applicants due to study on our 6 or 4 week pre-sessional course may be eligible to receive a Combined CAS number. A Combined CAS number is a CAS number covering study on more than one course at the same institution.

With a Combined CAS number you can apply for one visa that will allow you to remain in the UK for the duration of both courses (e.g. a 6 week pre-sessional English course and a postgraduate MSc course). Students with a Combined CAS will not need to apply to apply for a new visa between finishing their pre-sessional course and starting their postgraduate or Study Abroad course.

Further information will be available closer to the start date of our 6 and 4 week Pre-sessional courses in Summer 2019.

If you have any questions regarding your ELTC CAS statement, please email eltc.cas@sheffield.ac.uk