ELTC visa information for September 2018

When do I need to extend my visa?

You must submit your visa application online before registration. Without evidence that you have submitted your visa application (the visa application cover sheet is sufficient evidence) you might not be able to register and if you are not registered you cannot attend lectures. You can start your visa application as soon as you have a CAS and when you have held your funds in your account for 28 consecutive days.

Why it is important not to make any mistakes with your visa application

  • Errors in your application (for example, sending photographs which don't meet the strict UKVI requirements), can lead to your application being rejected as invalid or delayed significantly.
  • If your application is rejected as invalid, the Home Office will return your documents to you and by that time your visa might have already expired. You will have to make an out-of-time application as an overstayer.
  • If you make an out-of-time application, you still have to show £9,135 for 28 days plus outstanding tuition fees and you will have no right to apply for an Administrative Review if the application is refused (even if the Home Office refused in error)
  • Overstaying can have serious consequences, such as not being able to make a visa application for one year!


You are required to show £9,135 for maintenance for yourself (main applicant) and if your dependants (wife, husband, children) will apply for PBS dependant visa at the same time as you then you are required to show £6,120 for each dependant.

It is very important that you seek advice about this from us so you deposit the correct amount in your bank account or in your joint bank account.

Immigration Health Surcharges (IHS):

Please see below for the amount you must pay for the IHS relevant to your course:

  • Undergraduate courses 3 years or more: £525.
  • One year postgraduate taught masters:, £225.
  • For postgraduate research courses (PhD), you must refer to your CAS. if your CAS shows duration of PhD is 3 years then you must pay, £525. However, if the duration of your PhD (shown on your CAS) is 4 years then you must pay £675.

Please refer to UKVI for more information on how to calculate IHS.

How the University of Sheffield is going to help you

Once your pre-sessional English course is complete, we will offer you an opportunity to have your documents checked. An appointment has to be booked to guarantee your space on the document checking session. This means we will check your supporting documents (not the visa application form) to ensure all your documents meet UKVI's strict requirements. You must submit the visa application yourself.

What you should do to prepare for your visa application:

  1. Attend a visa talk about the document requirements. If you would like to revisit the information provided, a copy of the presentation can be viewed here. [Presentation will be available from 17th July].

  2. Deposit the required funds (£9,135 plus tuition fees) into your bank account before 1st August 2018.
  3. Pay a deposit via the online store (available from 10th August) in order to be able to book your place on the document checking session. We will notify you via email when bookings open. Once you have paid the deposit you will automatically be sent a link to the booking system for the document checking session.
  4. Book a place on the document checking session
  5. Attend the document checking session - checking sessions begin on 10th September 2018.
  6. Read the FAQs
  7. If you have any questions which are not answered in the FAQsor elsewhere on this website, please contact eltc@sheffield.ac.uk and state your full name and University registration number (you can find this on your student card. Please write - visa query - in your email subject so we can answer them quicker. Please send your email from your University email account and note that queries without your correct University registration number can not be answered.

The document checking session

What you need to bring to the document checking session

Watch the presentation and see the document checklist

What we are NOT going to check

  • We are NOT going to check your visa application form. You must ensure that you have read all the relevant information and take care that your visa application form is free from errors. You should refer to the step by step guidance which will help you when completing your application form.

What we ARE going to check

  • That you have all the relevant documents (see document checklist)
  • That your photographs meet Home Office requirements
  • That your financial documents meet the Home Office's formal criteria 
  • That you have the sufficient amount of money (see presentation). If you are self-funding, we recommend that you have this amount transferred into your account by 1st August, even if you haven't yet received an unconditional offer. If you haven't got the money in your account by then, or if it hasn't been in your account for 28 days, you should still attend the session anyway so we can check the format of your bank statements and advise you on the amount of money you need, if you are still unsure.
  • If you have any documents which are not in English, we will check that your translation meets Home Office requirements (see presentation)
  • That you have the necessary academic qualifications listed on your CAS
  • Your passport / visa to see whether or not you need to register with the police and if so, your police registration certificate
  • Your CAS to check whether you need an ATAS or not, to check if you have paid any course fees and how much money you need to show and to check which qualifications you need to send
  • You must ensure that all documents you bring to the session are the original documents (not photocopies or printouts of scanned copies). The Home Office will only accept original copies of documents.

How do I book the document checking session?

Document checking sessions will take place from 10th September 2018. Use the online store (available from 10th August) to pay the £10 deposit. Once you have paid the deposit, you will receive a confirmation email containing the link to the booking system where you can book a time convenient for you.

What if all the sessions are fully booked?

We provide an opportunity for all students to book onto a session - each student will be able to book onto a document checking session.

Bank statements – Important

Most students have online accounts and very few students receive personal bank statements in the post. Whilst you can send print outs from online statements to UKVI, these must be stamped on each page. Unfortunately many banks refuse to stamp online statements. Please be aware that the bank will need several days notice for this, so you must ensure that you order your personal statement well in advance (check with the bank how long it will take to send a personal statement from the day you order it) in order to receive it in time for your visa application.

UKVI would consider accepting an online statement if it clearly displays the bank’s URL on the print out. Therefore we strongly recommend that you check with your bank whether they will stamp an online or ad hoc statement and if they don’t, you should arrange for a personal bank statement to be sent to your home address. Alternatively you can ask the bank to write a letter confirming the authenticity of the bank statement but most bank will probably refuse to do this, too.

So in short – check with the bank if they will stamp online or ad hoc statements. If they don’t, ask how long it will take to send a personal bank statement (printed on letter headed paper, containing account number, name, date of statement and bank’s logo) to your home address. Then order the statement at the right time to ensure it will show the money for 28 days but you will also receive it in time to submit it with your visa application.

On-line Tier 4 visa

Applying inside the UK: you can find the on-line Tier 4 (general) visa application here. Once you have made payment and completed your application, you will receive two PDF documents. One is the visa cover sheet which will give you further information, read it carefully. The other document is your biometric enrolment letter. You must print both documents. We strongly advise that you use your university email address when registering. 

Applying from outside the UK: if you are returning home and will apply for Tier 4 (general) in your home country then you must use this link. We strongly recommend that you use the Visa Priority Service (3 - 5 days) when applying in your home country. This will allow you to arrive in the UK to register in time for your academic programme.

IMPORTANT: read the Tier 4 policy guidance before applying for Tier 4 (general) visa.

Tier 4 Pilot: 

It is very important that you read the Tier 4 Pilot webpage. If you meet the requirement to apply under Tier 4 pilot, then you are not required to submit financial documents or previous qualifications. However, it is essential that you meet the Tier 4 requirements at the time you submit your Tier 4 application online, including the requirement to maintain funds for 28 days.

Although students under the pilot will not have to submit these documents to UKVI, the caseworker can request to see them if required and may do spot checks on applicants applying under the pilot.

If you are asked for documents and cannot provide them, or you don't meet the Tier 4 requirements, your application will be refused.

All students (students eligible to apply under Tier 4 pilot scheme AND Low Risk National student) attending the Document Checking Sessions MUST bring all the supporting documents and MUST meet the UKVI's requirements including Financial requirements. So, you must ensure that you have maintained minimum total of £9135 (for maintenance) plus any unpaid tuition fees in your bank account for 28 consecutive days before attending the Document Checking Session. 

Contact us

If you have any questions please always refer to the FAQ page in the first instance. If your question is not answered in the FAQ's or the information you are looking for is not on this website, please send an email to eltc@sheffield.ac.uk from your University email account and state your full name and registration number. Please note that emails without the correct University registration number cannot be answered.