Doctoral Development Programme

The English Language Teaching Centre offers 4 modules for the Graduate School Doctoral Development Programme. These modules cover the principles and practice of thesis writing and the speaking skills researchers need. The  modules are restricted to only researchers through the Graduate School, so are not open to undergraduates and taught postgraduates.

Registration is now closed.  New courses will be added at the beginning of September 2019 on LMS.

Doctoral Development Programme Modules

ELT6051 - Academic Writing for PhD Students (for non-native speakers of English)

The course provides an overview of grammar and the basic skills needed to produce written work of an acceptable standard in the form of research reports, literature reviews, confirmation reviews and theses. Key aspects include: structure of academic texts – from research papers to theses; word order and linking ideas – voice, prioritisation of information, coordination and subordination; punctuation; tense – use and combination; paraphrasing and summarising.
The course is aimed at students who are beginning to write their doctoral thesis, but it’s open to doctoral students at any stage.

ELT6052 - Online Thesis Writing course (for distance learning students)

This online course is for University of Sheffield distance learning doctoral students who are unable to attend the face-to-face course ELT6050.
The course covers all sections of the thesis from the Introduction through to the Conclusion, comparing examples of writing from a range of theses written by students at the University of Sheffield, discussing writing techniques, academic expectations and issues of structure and style. We will also discuss strategies for reading, planning, focusing, drafting and revising, and broad principles such as critical thinking, summarising and organising an argument.

ELT6050 - Thesis Writing: Principles & Practice

The course is intended principally for students whose first language is not English. It aims to develop students' awareness of different approaches to structure and style in thesis writing.

The process of completing a PhD thesis is considered from the initial stages onwards. Various strategies for reading, planning, focusing, drafting and revising are discussed. We examine possible sections of a thesis in detail and consider effective citation practices.

An important focus of the course is that participants have the opportunity to develop the ideas discussed in relation to their own research topics and the writing conventions of their field.

ELT6060 - Speaking Skills for Research Purposes

The course is intended principally for students whose first language is not English. It covers the skills involved in the design, preparation and execution of oral presentations of the kind given by research students within their study programmes. This includes practice in answering questions during and after such presentations.

Other oral skills to be developed during the course are those required in more formal situations, such as the preparing for the viva, and in less formal situations such as academic discussions with colleagues and supervisors.

Registration is now closed.