DLC Event May 4th 2017- Current Practices and Future Opportunities.

This year the event was held at the ELTC and was attended by around thirty people including Departmental Language Coordinators, representatives from the library, 301 and ELTC staff. The focus of the event was on what support is provided in the department, what challenges exist in providing this and how departments and the ELTC can address these issues.

The event started with a brief introduction to the event led by the Director of English Language Support Services ( Victor Guillen-Solano). This was then followed by a presentation on an example project illustrating how the services at the university can work well together. This was delivered by Helen Moore from the library, Mark Lawrence from the ELTC and Oliver Johnson from 301. You can see the presentations.

Introduction to ELSS

Collaboration project

Small table discussions then took place on the support offered in departments and this information was shared.  Many interesting points were raised and common themes found. You can find a link to this information by clicking on the link below that details a summary of what the tables found out.

Summary of discussion