Specialist dyslexia/SpLD tutorial service

SpLD Tutorial ServiceThis is a one‐to‐one specialist tutorial service for students who have a formal identification of a specific learning difficulty or difference, like dyslexia. Students who use this service may come from any department, and any type of course offered by The University of Sheffield.

The service is provided by specialist tutors from the English Language Teaching Centre in close connection with Disability and Dyslexia Support.

What happens in the sessions?

One‐to‐one support sessions provide a safe environment where the student and tutor work in partnership to identify and build upon the student’s strengths, to improve academic literacy, and develop skills and strategies to help the student to cope with any study difficulties they experience. The content of the session is student driven and flexible. The student will see the same tutor for every session where possible. Sessions may cover a number of different areas:

• Time-management and organisation • Research skills
• Developing ideas • Note-taking
• Writing: composition, accuracy, expression, structure • Reading
• Planning • Communication
• Memory and revision • Academic confidence
• Grammar and punctuation

For information about applying for funding and eligibility for this one‐to‐one service, students should visit Disability and Dyslexia Support located in the Alfred Denny Building, or visit their web‐pages:


If you want to find out more about the tutorial service, please contact Victoria Mann, v.e.mann@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 1787

Study Skills Support for Dyslexic Students

These study skills materials have been developed specifically for students with dyslexia. However, anyone needing help with their study skills may also find them useful.

Online Study Skills materials

How2 Study Skills: bookable appointments

If you are waiting for a full needs assessment or diagnostic assessment, you can also book a How2 study skills appointment where we offer 30 minute appointments with a Specialist tutor.
During your appointment you can focus on a topic of your choice which may include writing skills, reading skills, organising and managing your time, academic confidence or talking about SpLD/dyslexia.

The appointments take place at the 301 Student Skills and Development Centre located at 301 Glossop Road.

To book an appointment click a time on the calendar link below. Due to the high demand, bookable appointments are limited to one per week per student. Please do not book more than one session or it will be cancelled.

Book a How2 appointment now