English Language Support (ELS) Programme

What is ELS and who is it for?

Our English Language Support (ELS) courses are provided for undergraduate and postgraduate students at The University of Sheffield who would like extra help with their English. If you scored a 6.5 or less on your latest IELTS, you will need language support.

These classes are only available to students who are already studying at The University of Sheffield (including at the Department for Lifelong Learning). Students on courses at the ELTC or University of Sheffield International College are not eligible for ELS classes.

What will I learn?

Our English Language Support programme offers you the opportunity to develop a wide range of academic, language and communication skills. Activities are designed to generate a lot of interaction so that you  can practise the academic language and skills that you need to fulfil the expectations in your programme, and integrate more effectively into your department and the wider academic community. 

What do our students say about our ELS courses?

We often receive very positive feedback from students.  Here are a few of their comments:

 "The materials given are really very helpful. I love the teaching methods"
"Great and helpful class"
"Very useful and relevant"
"The course is useful and interesting, the content is clear and well-organised"
"I recommend this class for every student"

What if ELS is not suitable for me?

If you scored a 7.0 or more on the IELTS, you may not need much language support.   If this is your case, there are other opportunities available for you to improve your general, written and spoken English.  

If you need help with your writing, you are also advised to use the Writing Advisory Service for individual help with your writing.

To improve your Speaking and Listening skills, you should participate in various social activities in your department and in those organised by the Students Union. Our Online Language Support hub offers a range of resources and tutorials to help you develop your English language skills.

If your level of English is good (e.g. IELTS 7.5 + or equivalent), the classes will probably not be suitable for you.

How are the courses organised?

We offer courses that cover the most important English language and academic literacy skills in both Semester 1 and Semester 2. The content is based on feedback collected from student surveys and focus groups.  

Semester 2 Course Information

English Language Support (ELS) 5 week course, week beginning 11 Feb. to week beginning 11 March

ELS consists of 9 different part-time courses specially designed to help students improve their English for specific academic purposes. Most ELS courses are run for 5-weeks from week beginning 11th February to week beginning 11th March. You can apply for a maximum of two ELS courses. Click on this link to find a list of subject areas/course information.

ELS Course Registration for Semester 2 is now closed

To register for ELS Courses, go to this link

If you need help registering, you can use this guide to ELS registration.

Dissertation Writing (DW) - 5-week course, week beginning 11th Feb to 11th March

This course is designed for Final Year Undergraduates and Masters┬┤ students. Masters┬┤students may find it useful to take this course in Semester 2 because that is when many Masters┬┤ students usually have to start thinking about their dissertation. The duration of this course is 5-weeks. We offer separate courses for Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Heath Related Research 

We have separate courses for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths students. Please note that the topics covered in Dissertation Writing sessions in Semester 2 are different from those covered in Semester 1.

Dissertation Writing Course Registration  for Semester 2 is now closed

To register for this course, go to this link

If you need help registering, read this guide to ELS registration.

ELTC Academic Sessions (ELTCAS): A choice of different sessions between 27 March to 8 May

We offer a series of single General English and Academic English sessions on various topics such as Communicating with Tutors, Essay Writing which are repeated over a 4-week period from 27 March to 8 May. You can choose to do as many sessions as you like, but please do attend your chosen sessions as space is limited. Visit the ELTCAS webpage to see a list of session topics.

ELTCAS Course Registration is now open

To register for ELTC Academic Sessions, click on the session link on the ELTCAS timetable and you will be taken to the registration page for that session. You can register for as many sessions as you can attend. 

ELTCAS Semester 2 Timetable for Wednesday and Friday sessions