Departmental Language Programme - Academic Literacy - Online Resources

ELTC Staff have developed these interactive online resources to enable you to improve your academic literacy. Academic literacy consists of the skills and language that you need in order to succeed within your academic department. Meeting the expectations of your department is an essential component of academic writing at University. You can use the resources we have created on this page to learn how to write correctly in the style required by your department, as well as how to avoid plagiarism.

Your Department Language Programme (DLP) tutor may refer you to these resources as part of your DLP course, or you can use any of the resources for self-study at your own leisure.

Click on the headings below to view the resources available in each area and a further definition of what it entails:

Academic Reading
Genre Analysis


Summarising is the ability to take longer pieces of text and express them in a shorter form in your own words. It is a key skill for referring to sources in your writing.

Summarising: self-assessment
The features of a good summary
Stages of writing a summary
The NOW technique for summarising

Language for summary writing
Summarising: example from Architecture
Analysis of a summary
Summarising: further resources and references

Lab Reports
Academic Vocabulary
Building an Argument