Being a Teacher Trainer: A practical course for new teacher trainers

Becoming a teacher trainer is not an easy step for even experienced teachers to make. Many institutions support this transition by offering courses, mentoring or formal training. This course aims to support inexperienced teacher trainers as they continue their professional development in a new role.

ELTC teacher training

Covid-19 update

Unfortunately this course has been cancelled for the foreseeable future to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and the suspension of face-to-face teaching at the University.

We are very sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience caused as a result.

We will cover many common aspects of being a teacher trainer and there will be the opportunity to share ideas, resources and good practice.

This course is aimed at new teacher trainers who have little experience and who see themselves as at the From Teacher to Trainer stage on the Cambridge English Trainer Framework.

The dates for the next course are to be confirmed and it will be delivered by the authors of the new ETpedia Teacher Training. It will include a mixture of blended learning, observation, loop input, experiential learning, reflection and micro-training.

Topics covered

  • Roles and skills of a teacher trainer
  • Beginning teacher training courses
  • Designing and delivering training sessions
  • Materials and resources for training teachers
  • Ways of assessing teachers
  • Approaches to lesson observation
  • Managing feedback: written and spoken
  • Reflective practice
  • Supporting (trainee) teachers and dealing with difficult training situations
  • CPD for teacher trainers

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify the various roles and key competencies of teacher trainers working in different contexts
  • Develop and implement a teacher training programme
  • Plan and deliver a teacher training session taking different approaches, building in variety and interest
  • Select, adapt and design teacher training materials and activities relevant to the needs and learning context of their (trainee) teachers
  • Exploit ways of assessing teacher learning on training programmes in order to link theory with practice
  • Manage the process of classroom observation, including providing pre-lesson support with planning
  • Provide effective written and oral feedback on teaching and manage the post-lesson discussion sensitively
  • Encourage critical reflection as part of an experientially-driven teacher training model
  • Work supportively with their (trainee) teachers and manage difficult training situations
  • Reflect on their practice and continue their professional development


Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Induction; Intro to Course Roles and skills of a teacher trainer; Beginning Courses
Tuesday Input sessions: planning and delivery Assessing teachers
Wednesday Support with lesson planning Optional Workshop: Materials & Resources
Thursday Classroom observation Reflection and Feedback
Friday Pastoral care; CPD; Admin; Feedback Optional Attendance: Technology in the Training Room

Application Information

Tuition fees for the full course are £575.

Applications for this course are currently closed due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak

If you have any questions or would like more information about the course please get in touch:

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