Online Corpus Course for Teachers

Our corpus course is a 6-week completely online programme designed to help EAP teachers develop a greater practical understanding of how to use a range of corpus web tools with their students.

Who is it for?

Many EAP teachers recognise the value of using corpus data in the classroom, the idea of accessing accurate information about how language is actually used in academic settings is very attractive. But the digital tools that we use to access them can often be confusing and packed with jargon. If you’ve ever felt your enthusiasm or interest in corpus data wane when confronted with these tools, this course might be for you.

What will you learn?

Over the six-weeks, you will learn the skills necessary to:

  • Comfortably navigate and search using a range of corpus tools, but with a specific focus on Sketch Engine and the British Academic Written English corpus
  • Generate, understand and extract patterns from concordance lines
  • Create a word’s collocational profile
  • Identify subtle differences in meaning between similar words (theory/concept, cause/affect) that students struggle with
  • Create lists of frequent words and lexical chunks
  • Generate concordance lines that show specific syntactic/grammatical patterns
  • Create engaging corpus-based materials to use with your students in class
  • Build a small corpus using texts you have collected

To support you throughout the course we will provide you with clear step-by-step guides and you will have the chance to watch several authentic lessons by a teacher using corpus tools and materials in the classroom.

Course Dates & Prices

Date Cost for one person
2nd November to December 11th £200

An excellent introduction to using online corpora in EAP

Matt Lemon, University of York

How to Apply

To express your interest and to request an application form for our courses in 2020, please email

For any other inquiries related to the course or about future dates, please contact our administrative team at

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How many hours will I need to study every week?

The course is designed to be deliberately flexible so you can work through it at your own pace and at times during the week when you are free. We estimate that you will need to spend around 4-5 hours each week engaging with the course materials and your fellow participants to get the most out of the course. A certificate of completion will be awarded to all participants who successfully finish the course.

Please note that this course has a strong practical focus, so it is generally recommended that you take the course if you will actually be teaching students for at least a part of it. This will make it far more meaningful as you can try out things on a weekly basis and share your experiments with the other people on the course.

Course tutors

David Read Profile PictureDavid Read is Director of Technology-Enhanced Learning at the English Language Teaching Centre. He has been working in EFL for over twenty years and has worked in eleven different countries, including Greece, Morocco, Serbia, Korea and Kyrgyzstan. He is a Cambridge CELTA tutor and a certified Google Teacher and has years of experience running online and blended teaching and training programmes.

A profile picture of EAP Tutor Anastasios AsimakopoulosAnastasios Asimakopoulos is an EAP tutor at the English Language Teaching Centre. He has taught on a wide range of pre-sessional and in-sessional courses and has been a member of the Technology-Enhanced Learning team for several years. His interests include corpus pedagogy, materials development and blended learning.

Scholarship places

The funds from the paid participants will contribute towards allowing three to five teachers from developing countries to participate on the course.

Scholarship Application Form

Screenshots and sample material

You will access the course through a specially designed website, you can see some sample screenshots below:

Screenshot 1

Here is the title screen to one of the guides on concordancing

Corpus Course Picture 1

Screenshot 2

Here is a slide from interactive content directing participants to teaching videos

Corpus Course Picture 2

Screenshot 3

Here is an excerpt from one of the course guides

Corpus Course Picture 3

Screenshot 4

This is the homepage of the website through which the course is delivered

Corpus Course Picture 4

It has really been an excellent journey. Well structured and packed with guidance, tools and direction to extra knowledge. It provides a step by step - you cannot go wrong- system with small chunks of information so that you can absorb, use and then teach the newly acquired knowledge in your classroom. Overall a highly recommended Corpus Course for Teachers.

Olympia Gianneka, EAP tutor