How to apply

Applications for 2016 entry has closed. Applications for 2017 entry will open on 1st November.

For full application details and information on our training programme and research projects, please visit our main website at

Applying for the CDT in Energy Storage and its Applications

  • Applications must be submitted using the University online PG applications system.
  • Please follow the step by step instructions (given below) carefully to make sure you apply for the CDT in Energy Storage.
  • Please check that you meet the eligibility criteria before applying.
  • Please include a supporting statement to explain why you are interested in the CDT and how you will contribute to it.

How to Apply

  1. Go to:
  2. Create an account if necessary and log in.
  3. Complete "Part 1 - Your Details".
  4. In "Part 2 - Course Applications" > choose "Add New Research Course".
  5. Under "Qualification applying for?" > select the "Doctoral Training Course".
  6. Under "Which Doctoral Training Course do you want to apply for?" > select "DTC in Energy Storage [course code CPER05]".
  7. Complete the remaining details on this and subsequent screens, uploading any necessary documents.
  8. Supervisor details can be left blank; under funding choose "Studentship or scholarship" and "Funding confirmed".
  9. Please include in your supporting statement why you are interested in the DTC and how you will contribute to it.
  10. Check all the details, upload any required documents, and Submit the application.

Entry requirements

  • An academic track record of either a 1st class or a 'good' upper 2nd class degree in an engineering, physical science or mathematics discipline from a leading university.
  • Demonstrated capability for independent research, thinking and leadership.
  • The ambition to work independently, with industry and in a team.

Before applying we recommend that you propose your interest in energy storage to the Centre Manager, Sharon Brown via email at