Information for Current Students


MUSE (My University of Sheffield Environment) gives you secure access to online university resources from anywhere in the world. This includes access to your personal e-mail account and filestore.

You can use MUSE to access:

1. MOLE (My Online Learning Environment). Here you will find lecture handouts, online discussions which are often an integral part of your courses, podcasts and other resources relating to your modules.

You can access MOLE via MUSE, or directly via the link

For Help and Support with MOLE see

2. Email. All students will get an address. Please remember to check your emails frequently as all important information regarding your studies will be sent via email.

Additionally Postgraduate Researchers may request a fully fledged email address such as instead of the generic egp15jb@ or jbloggs1@.

3. Your Grades. Current Students can view transcripts of grades within the "SSiD" tab within MUSE. For more information go to SSiD's website.

Undergraduate assessment in the School of English

For further information on assessment, please visit the assessment page.

Staff-Student Committee

We have active Staff-Student Committees, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, which have student representatives from all the different programmes in the school. For minutes of recent meetings, finding your course representative, and how you can get involved, check the "Student Staff Committee" section in the the School of English Organisation in MOLE, or the noticeboard on Level 5 of Jessop West (Postgraduate Committee).

The Library

The University's wide range of electronic resources, including databases, e-books and e-journals are available to all registered students through MUSE. 

For information aimed specifically at your course:

MHRA Referencing for English Literature Guide

MHRA Author-Date Referencing for English Language and Linguistics Guide

For further information about electronic resources go to

Extensions to assessment deadlines

The process for seeking an extension and the grounds on which an extension may be granted are described in detail at the extensions to assessment deadlines page.

Theatre Workshop training videos

Important Information

All student cover sheets and writing guides can be found on the right hand "downloads" menu, including rules on Plagiarism, marking criteria and cover sheets.