Theatre Spaces

Our Theatre Spaces very much belong to those using them, and the ethos is a simple one of mutual respect and creativity. Our theatres are used by students and alumni to develop work outside of the taught curriculum, and their projects involve a wide variety of practitioners and companies that come to work with them. Our theatre spaces aren't just for performances, however, and events such as the In Imagination Symposium, the Terra Incognita Festival, and the Enter the Theatre interviews have all taken place under our banner.

Many of our alumni return to run workshops, events, and performances: we are very proud to say that the likes of Stephen Daldry, James Grieve/George Perrin (Paines Plough), Alan Lane (Slung Low), Lucy Prebble, Vicky Pratt (Invisible Flock), and Selina Thompson have all started their work in our theatres.

Our Theatre and Productions manager, Rob Hemus, oversees the theatre spaces. Rob teaches, trains, supervises, and works with students in achieving their design and production aims.

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Theatre Workshop

Adaptability and Experimentation

Image from the 2009 Starsong in Theatre Workshop

A space for innovation, ingenuity and inspiration, the Theatre Workshop is capable of swiftly transforming from a hundred seat auditorium to a fully immersive performance space. 

Over the course of two decades of work students have converted the Theatre Workshop into ancient temples, apocalyptic wastelands and even a beachfront resort to rival Brighton. This is an adaptable space where anything could happen and anything is a possibility.

The Theatre Workshop is the hub of work for the Theatre department and over the course of a normal day our auditorium sees teaching, rehearsals and events; the Carpentry workshop sees construction, design and fabrication; and our Theatre and Productions office might have creative meetings, seminars, research groups, training or programme management. No two days are ever the same at Theatre Workshop and this building acts as a headquarters for our students and their work.

Drama Studio

Traditional space - Nontraditional performance

Image of 2012 performance of Macbeth in the Drama Studio

Converted from a 19th century Baptist church and re-opened in 1970, the University of Sheffield Drama Studio operates throughout the year as a receiving house for performances produced by Academic departments, Students Union Groups and Semi-professional groups in the community.

The Drama Studio is a University performance space, but the School of English has access to the Drama Studio's 200 seat theatre at various points across the year for academic performances and extra-curricular productions by the Theatre Workshop. The Drama Studio also operates three rehearsal spaces which students have access to during the day for production rehearsals, classes and independent work.

The Drama Studio provides students the chance to work in a traditionally styled theatre space and experience the mechanics of creating traditionally structured theatre as well as the work involved in developing and adapting non-traditional theatre performances.

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The Cottage

Bringing art into the digital age

An Image of students recieving teaching in the Cottage

A hub of creativity and creation, the Cottage is equipped with a wide range of facilities thanks to alumni funding. Fitted with Computer Aided Design (CAD) suites, advanced sound and video editing platforms, the Cottage is a facility for the creation and delivery of digital media across a wide variety of platforms.

Students have access to the Cottage throughout the academic year and receive basic training in the use of the tools. Should they wish to explore the technology and processes in more depth, they can arrange time with the Theatre and Productions team for tutoring, take one of several modules on their course to learn more about including digital media in their performances or simply book a time to go and play.

Combined with powerful CAD and digital rendering software the Cottage provides our students the opportunity for ideas to be quickly and easily visualised and formalise complex dynamic design decisions. Supported by the Cottage's live-streaming facilities and social media integration students are able to develop work that cross the boundary between physical and digital to create theatre and performance for the digital age.

The Cutting Edge Studio

Honing skills for the future

Cutting Edge Studio in use

Opened in 2011 and made possible through a combination of Alumni donations and the support for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Cutting Edge studio is an open laboratory where students can develop their knowledge and capabilities outside of academic classes.

Available throughoutt the academic year, the Hawley buidling houses the Cutting Edge studio and two break out spaces for rehearsals, meetings, video viewing and seminars. In addition to teaching that takes place during the day, the building is bookable by students in the evenings to develop their own skills and to work on their projects, be they curricular or otherwise. Fitted with Harliquinn dance floor, a full sound rig, LED lighting fixtures and administration facilities the Hawley building provides all the services for an emerging practitioner.

The Hawley building also serves as a base-of-operations throughout the year for Postgraduate students who use the space to host a variety of discussions, performances and exhibitions. 


Rob Hemus
Theatre and Production Manager

Phone: (+44)141 222 8450

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