Undergraduate Induction Week

Intro Week 2017

You MUST complete the Online Module Choice, this will be open from Wednesday 30 August, until Sunday 10 September.

If you have any issues registering your modules, please contact preregistration@sheffield.ac.uk

Guide to Studying in the School of English

All other information is available on the "Guide to Studying in the School of English".

If you have any questions, or queries, please get in touch with us on english@sheffield.ac.uk or 0114 2228480.

Reading Lists

Reading lists can be found on the Reading List page under Prospective Undergraduates.

All students must ensure they register for a total of 120 credits, following the registration activities during Intro Week. All English modules at Level 1 have a value of 20 credits: however please note that some departments offer 10 credit modules. Ideally, you should try to take 60 credits' worth of modules in each of the two semesters. Some of you, however, may choose 10 credit unrestricted modules which results in a 50:70 or 70:50 split. In such an event, try to make the autumn semester busier than the spring. You MUST NOT attempt to make choices which would result in a 80:40 split, or anything greater than that.

Please note that some modules are very popular and therefore numbers may be capped. We recommend that you have alternative module choices in mind for each semester in the event of a module being oversubscribed. Your pre-approved module choice request will be confirmed at your introduction meeting on Monday 17th September. If your choices have not been approved you will need to attend a session on Monday afternoon to complete your module choice. Details on how you do this will be confirmed at your introduction meeting.