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MA students in the School of English enjoy the opportunity to undertake an integrated work placement as part of their MA degree programme. Students undertake 100 hours of work with a partner organisation in Yorkshire or Derbyshire, and they are assessed on coursework that responds to this experience:

  • EGH6025 Literature and Language in the Work Place (15 Credits)
    Assessment: Portfolio
  • EGH623 Work Placement with Research Essay (30 Credits)
    Assessment: Portfolio and Research Essay

Placement students work across a variety of sectors: heritage and tourism; archives; charities; galleries and arts performance; publishing; events organisation; health and well being, etc. Our partner organisations include Bank Street Arts, Bloc Projects, Chatsworth House, Film Hub North, Grimm & Co., Recovery Enterprises, Renishaw Hall, Sheffield Archives and Local Studies Library, and Sheffield Newspapers—and this list continues to grow!

These modules provide students with hands-on work experience and the opportunity to join and participate in different working cultures and environments. Past students have continued to work for their partner organisation, either as a volunteer or in paid employment. A work placement is great way to distinguish yourself in a competitive job market.

Students intending to continue onto PhD research will also benefit. Working with a partner organisation will provide experience of collaboration and public engagement—skills increasingly prioritised by universities and funding councils.

See what our MA students have been up to on their work placements.

Student Stories

MA Work Placement: Student Stories

Alwin at ChatsworthSarah Alwin
MA in English Literature, 2015-16

(Chatsworth House, Devonshire Educational Trust)

My placement was an incredible opportunity to explore what input I could offer to the Devonshire Educational Trust in collaboration with the fantastic people that work there. The working environment was constructive and respectful, and led to many interesting research ideas. It was an excellent way of combining an academic research based approach with some practical work skills.

School of English SEED ProjectMelanie Kuriger
MA in English Literature, 2015-16

(SEED Project)

During my placement with the Sheffield SEED Project, I helped prepare and run a series of seven seminars designed for University of Sheffield staff members. I was also given the opportunity to help supervise a pair of undergraduates conducting a focus group on inclusion. My favourite part of working with SEED was seeing the transformation of our cohort by the end of the seminars. At the start of the semester, most of our members struggled to articulate why continuous social justice learning was necessary, and how they themselves could make a difference in the university environment. By the end of the seventh session, many of the members had clear goals and a renewed sense of purpose—some had even implemented change in their department already!

Deepali Argawal
MA in English Language and Linguistics, 2014-15

Grimm & Co.

My placement at Grimm and Co. was honestly the most valuable and enjoyable part of my MA at Sheffield. It was great to have an interactive dimension to which theories of linguistics and second-language learning could be applied. The work placement module gave me a chance to understand the complexities of language use in society on a day-to-day basis, and introduced me to some brilliant people who do truly magical work.

Rachael Mobbs
MA in Eighteenth Century Studies, 2014-15
Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network

The Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network was the perfect placement to do something completely different from the rest of my MA. I met some incredible individuals within Sheffield who work in the arts and wellbeing sector and found it to be a really up-and-coming presence within the city! I went to some great events, and got to write articles on projects going on in the city. It was a brilliant combination of creativity and practical work.

Camille Brouard
MA in English Language and Linguistics, 2014-15
Route 57

My work placement experience was phenomenal, as I gained experience and skills in marketing, editing, and publishing. I was an assistant editor for the School of English's magazine Route 57, I sold publications at the Sheffield Zine Fest, I had a go at social media marketing, and I also put edited and sold my own poetry anthology – for a profit! To be honest, it was so enjoyable that sometimes it didn't feel like work at all, and I found it really valuable for getting experience in a field I'm interested in pursuing for my future career.

For more information, contact the MA work placement convenor: Dr Katie Edwards

Please note: EGH6025 and EGH623 are available to students enrolling on MA degrees in English Literature (all pathways), English Language and Linguistics, Eighteenth Century Studies and Nineteenth Century Studies.