Dr Madeleine Callaghan

Senior Lecturer in Romantic Literature


Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA


I joined the School of English in September 2010 and I’m a senior lecturer in Romantic Literature. My research speciality is the poetry of Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, and Yeats. I also have research interests in other Romantic poets and prose writers, Milton and Spenser, and in post-war British and Irish poetry, particularly that of Louis MacNeice and W. H. Auden.

I read English at Durham University, and where I then took a Masters and a PhD. Though I focused on Romantic poetry during my degrees, I continue to pursue my interests in twentieth-century poetry, and have co-edited a book with Professor Michael O'Neill in the Blackwell Guides to Criticism series, entitled Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry: Hardy to Mahon. My monograph on Shelley, entitled Shelley’s Living Artistry: Letters, Poems, Plays, came out in 2017, and my most recent monograph is The Poet-Hero in the Work of Byron and Shelley (2019).


My primary area of interest is Romantic and post-Romantic poetry, and I published a monograph (published by Liverpool University Press) on Percy Bysshe Shelley, entitled Shelley's Living Artistry: Letters, Poems, Plays in 2017, and, with Michael O'Neill, wrote The Blackwell Handbook to Romantic Poetry (2018). I have written about the poetry of the Romantic period, particularly on Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, and Yeats, and I also have research interests in Milton, Coleridge, and in post-war British, American, and Irish poetry, particularly that of Louis MacNeice and John Berryman.

My current research project is on the role of eternity in Romantic poetry. By way of an overview, the monograph, Eternity in Romantic Poetry explores the representation of the relationship between eternity and the mortal world in the poetry of the period. This monograph will offer an original approach to Romanticism that demonstrates the dominant intellectual preoccupation of the period: the relationship between the mortal and the eternal. The aims of the project are two-fold: firstly, to analyse the prevalence and range of images of eternity (from apocalypse, and afterlife, to transcendence) in Romantic poetry; secondly, in opening up a new and more nuanced focus on how Romantic poets imagined and interacted with the idea of eternity, it will challenge the assumption that the Romantic age should be considered through a contextual rather than a conceptual lens.

I am particularly interested in the role and responsibility of the poet from the Romantic period to the present day. This was a point of serious debate in the Romantic period, from Shelley's sense of the "unacknowledged legislator" to Byron's mocking yet intense questioning of the place of poetry and the poet in culture. My work pays close attention to the workings of poetry to consider the contested significance and singularity of the poet to their culture.


My research and teaching interests are closely related. I teach on the English Literature BA course and various Masters programmes. Modules that I contribute to at undergraduate level include "Romantic and Victorian Poetry," "Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature," and  "Modern Literature," plus my approved module, "Byron and Shelley."

At postgraduate level, I am a member of the teaching team for the general MA in English Literature and the MA in Literature, Culture and Society: 1700-1900, and co-convene (with Dr Anna Barton) two modules, "Love and Lyric" and "I want a hero: Romantic and Victorian Epic."


I am currently primary supervisor for doctoral theses on Keats and pleasure and pain (funded by the Wolfson Foundation), Percy Bysshe Shelley and androgyny, and pastoral poetry in the Romantic period, as well as secondary supervising a number of other projects. A thesis on the second-generation Romantic poets and quest (AHRC funded) and a thesis on Owen and the Romantic elegiac tradition (funded by WRoCAH), have successfully passed the PhD viva.

I am interested in supervising PhD candidates in any of my research interests, especially in Romantic or post-Romantic poetry.


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