Christie Oliver-Hobley

BA, MPhil

School of English

Research Student


Christie is a first-year PhD student in the School of English, examining representations of animals in contemporary culture.

His research encompasses a broad range of genres and modes, including nature memoirs, poetry, short stories, cinema, performance research and performance art.

What links his chosen ‘texts’ is their interest in nonhuman subjectivities: adopting animal affects, or inhabiting imagined nonhuman minds, they enact radical decentrings of the human.

Some of these human writers, artists and performers purportedly seek to surmount the wall of animal/human alterity entirely – to be, or to become, animal.

Christie’s analysis of these primary sources is informed by scientific insights into animal behaviour and/or consciousness, as well as by philosophical thinking about animals, over the past eighty-or-so years.

Research interests
  • Animal Studies; the Nonhuman
  • Ecocriticism
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Nature Memoir
  • Short Fiction
  • Contemporary Performance
  • Performance Art
  • Performance Research
  • Film
  • Cinema
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Ethology
Research group


  • Dr Robert McKay
  • Dr Sam Ladkin


  • Dr Lourdes Orozco (Leeds)
Professional activities