Hielke Vriesendorp


School of English

Research Student

  • BA Dutch Language and Culture, Leiden University, 2015,
  • BA English Language and Culture, Leiden University, 2016,
  • MA Linguistics (research), Leiden University, 2017
Research interests
  • Sociophonetics
  • Speech Perception
  • Exemplar Theory

My research project focusses on the processing of sociolinguistic meaning. More specifically, I am investigating how specific the linguistic units are that socio-indexical meaning is most importantly attached to (abstract segmental features, or more specific word-based exemplars).

I am combining this with an exploration of whether it is possible to use semantic priming experiments to measure fully below-awareness activation of socio-indexical meaning.

Research group


  • Dr Emma Moore
  • Dr Chris Montgomery
  • Dr Kirsten Bartlett
Teaching activities
  • EGH 310 Psychology of Language
  • EGH 607 Research Methods