Emeritus Professor Neil Roberts

MA PhD, Cambridge


1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA

email : n.j.roberts@sheffield.ac.uk


I have taught at Sheffield since 1970, during which time my research interests have spread from the Victorian novel, on which I wrote my PhD, to modern literature and especially contemporary poetry, which is the subject of four of my books.

I am particularly interested in the work of the English poets Ted Hughes and Peter Redgrove, and in 1993 the Sheffield university library acquired Redgrove's personal archive, for which I have academic responsibility.

Peter Redgrove Papers

Ever since I was at school I have been passionately interested in the writings of D.H. Lawrence, and in 2004 I published a book on Lawrence's travel writings, partly inspired by a semester spent teaching in New Mexico, one of the places he lived in and wrote about.

I am the editor of Blackwell's Companion to Twentieth-century Poetry (2001).


My research interests range from the Victorian novel (Meredith and the Novel, 1997) to modern literature and especially contemporary poetry, which is the subject of four of my books, including Narrative and Voice in Postwar Poetry (1999).

I am particularly interested in the work of the English poets Ted Hughes and Peter Redgrove.

My most recent work is a biography of Peter Redgrove, A Lucid Dreamer, and an edition of his Collected Poems, both to be published by Jonathan Cape in 2012.  My diverse areas of research are linked by an interest in the dialogic theory of Mikhail Bakhtin, and its application to a variety of genres.



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