Amber McNamara


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BA in English Literature, University of Sheffield, 2015, MA English Literature (with Creative Writing), 2016


Sam Ladkin, Adam Piette

Research interests

contemporary literature; Canadian literature; experimental poetry; avant-garde; creative practice; Canadian poetry.



My research centres on contemporary Canadian poetry from 1960s onwards, with an interest in visual poetics and Concretism, ranging from bpNichol through to Anne Carson. I believe this period of Canada's history gestures to an exciting dissolution of boundaries, whether typographic, orthographic or spatial, which literary scholarship has struggled to categorise.

I'm particularly interested in the aesthetics of writing and the artistic potential of the book-object. With regards to my own creative practice, I am in the process of writing my first poetry collection which I hope will engage with the boundaries of image and text.


Professional Associations

  • Emily Ellen Decent Prize 2016
  • Published in Adjacent Pineapple, Issue 1, 2017
Teaching Lyric Reading Group