Amini Sa-idi


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BA (English), Prince of Songkla University, 2009
MTESOL, La Trobe University, 2012


Susan Fitzmaurice, Oksana Afitska

Research interests

language maintenance, language shift, family language policy



My research focuses on the maintenance of Patani Malay among Malay Muslims in Thailand. Patani Malay is a language spoken by Malay Muslims who make up over 75% of the population in Thailand's southern border provinces. Due to the change of linguistic ecology, Patani Malay is gradually substituted by Standard Thai especially among young generations.
This research aims to investigate how Patani Malay is maintained among bilingual teenagers. The core objectives are 1) to identify patterns of language use among teenagers 2) to examine factors contributing to or militating Patani Malay language ability of teenagers 3) to monitor the development of Patani Malay language ability among teenagers over a period of one year. This research should advance the understanding of PM language maintenance in the region and encourage parents to pass on Patani Malay to their children.