Helen Newsome


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BA in English Language and Literature, University of Sheffield, 2012; MA in English Language and Linguistics, University of Sheffield, 2014


Dr Graham Williams

Research interests

Historical Pragmatics; Historical Sociolinguistics; Archival Studies; Palaeography




My project focusses on the written correspondence of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots (1489-1541), in particular exploring how Margaret performs the role of diplomatic mediator in her letters. Using historical pragmatics as its main methodological approach, my thesis also draws on sister disciplines, such as social history and gender studies, seeking to illuminate our understanding of the linguistic-pragmatic workings of the early Tudor court, and to reconsider female diplomacy in the political and linguistic landscape of early Tudor Britain.


Professional Associations

I am a member of the Medieval French Reading Group and the Medieval and Ancient Research Seminar


  • Article in Notes and Queries: 'Reconsidering the Provenance of the Henry VII and Margaret Tudor Book of Hours', Notes and Queries, 2017, Vol 64 (2), pp. 231-234
  • Paper: 'Vryten vyth my hand': The Pragmatic Value of Margaret Tudor's Holograph Letters, Studies in the History of the English Language, Kansas, 2-4 June 2017
  • Paper: 'I am playn to you my lord': Meta-communicative Markers, Sincerity and the Negotiation of Linguistic Prejudice, 15th International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast, 16-21 July 2017
  • Paper: A Queenly Voice: Pronoun Usage in the Letters of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots (1489-1541), International Conference of English Historical Linguistics, Essen, August 2016
Teaching Guest lecture in ELL 360 Historical Pragmatics and MA Research Methods module, also run a few sessions on MA Palaeography module. Seminar tutor in ELL 114 History of English and ELL 118 Early Englishes.