Hielke Vriesendorp


Hielke VriesendorpH-Vriesendorp profile picture

BA Dutch Language and Culture, Leiden University, 2015,
BA English Language and Culture, Leiden University, 2016,
MA Linguistics (research), Leiden University, 2017


Dr Emma Moore, Dr Chris Montgomery, Dr Kirsten Bartlett

Research interests

Sociophonetics; Speech Perception; Exemplar Theory




My research project focusses on the processing of sociolinguistic meaning. More specifically, I am investigating how specific the linguistic units are that socio-indexical meaning is most importantly attached to (abstract segmental features, or more specific word-based exemplars). I am combining this with an exploration of whether it is possible to use semantic priming experiments to measure fully below-awareness activation of socio-indexical meaning.



Vriesendorp, Hielke and Gijsbert Rutten (2017) ‘“Omg zo fashionably english.” Codeswitching to English as an Identity Practice in the Chatspeak of Dutch Young Gay Men’, Taal en Tongval: 69, 1: 47-70 https://doi.org/10.5117/TET2017.1.VRIE

Vriesendorp, Hielke (2016) ‘The Internet’s (New) Usage Problems’, English Today, 32: 18-19 http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/s0266078416000365

  • EGH 310 Psychology of Language
  • EGH 607 Research Methods