Holly Dann


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BA in English Language and Linguistics, University of Sheffield, 2015
MA in English Language and Linguistics, University of Sheffield, 2016


Dr. Emma Moore & Dr. Chris Montgomery

Research interests

Sociolinguistics, Language Variation and Change, Speech Perception




My PhD is a sociophonetic study exploring the connection between language and identity in west Cornwall. Through an analysis of both perceptions of phonological features of west Cornish English (wCE) and an in-depth study of local speech in the region, this project will examine the link between production and perception of regional dialect.

The results of a perception experiment demonstrate which phonological features of wCE are most enregistered as Cornish English. These results are then used to ensure that the linguistic features under investigation in the production study have some sociocultural relevance for the speech community, as well as inform a discussion of their distribution amongst the speakers.

The production study will then explore how personal factors, such as local identity, as well as more macro-social demographic factors, including social class, gender, and family history can be used to help explain the patterning of enregistered features of wCE in local speech. Overall, this study aims to contribute to the existing understanding of the connection between the social meaning of linguistic features and identity construction.



'A Future for Cornish English: An investigation into the effects of indexicality, contact, and identity on the Cornish dialect', paper presented at the Language and Place workshop, Copenhagen, November 2016.

Research Groups

I co-organise the monthly Language Variation and Change reading group, held alternately at the universities of Sheffield, Leeds and York. Website: https://sites.google.com/a/sheffield.ac.uk/lvc-reading-group/

  • ELL110 Varieties of English