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The Sheffield Centre for Research in Film (SCRIF) acts as a hub for a diverse, interdisciplinary community of scholars and researchers, from the University of Sheffield and beyond, with shared interests in the significance, analysis, role and impact of the moving image.

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Here you will find profiles and backgrounds for the Group’s academic staff and research students, news and information about events organised by members of the Centre, details of publications and research activity linked to the Group, and links for contact and discussion with us.

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Julia Dobson

I research and publish on contemporary French cinema. Recent work has focused on new configurations of the auteur in contemporary French film,  negotiations between political discourse,  genre and gender and first-person documentary film. Current projects include the representation of adolescence and the family photograph within film. Full profile.

Jonathan Rayner

I research and publish in several distinct and related areas of film theory and analysis. My key interests are in Australian and New Zealand genre cinema (particularly Gothic films), the interconnections of cinema and landscape, auteur theory, studies of popular genres, and naval history in fictional and documentary film. Full profile


Fabienne Collignon

I am particularly interested in American techno-culture and the Cold War. My main interest is genre cinema, namely science fiction and horror, and I have done work on the films of Stanley Kubrick, John Carpenter, and Cold War B-movies. Full profile

Jonathan Ellis

I research and publish on contemporary American and Japanese cinema (particularly the films of Studio Ghibli). My research on American cinema is inspired by the experience of teaching two courses over the last few years, an entire course on Woody Allen and another on the road movie. The relationship between cinema and memory has always fascinated me. For this reason, I love the work of Terence Davies, David Lynch, and Terrence Malick. Full profile

David Forrest

I work on British film and television drama. My main research interests are in representations of space and place; art cinema and realism; politics, particularly the representation of political parties on screen; the films of Shane Meadows; and co-produced and participatory approaches to research in screen studies. Full profile

Dominic McHugh

My main area of research is the history and analysis of the Broadway and Hollywood musical. I am particularly interested in the production history of the MGM musicals, issues of gender and identity in the films of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and Julie Andrews, and the 1940s musicals of Fred Astaire. Full profile

Robert McKay

I research the representation of animals in post-war politics and culture (1945-70), focusing on how film discourse (including criticism) challenges and reconfigures the limit conditions of political thought about animals in the period. More broadly, I am interested in film genres as technologies for the production of knowledge about animals, the focus of my teaching on “No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Module (Animals in Film)”. Full profile

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