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Storying SheffieldStorying Sheffield is a groundbreaking project based in the School of English in which narrative and storytelling are utilised in a variety of contexts to enhance our understandings of society, people, and culture. The project includes modules in which undergraduate students and people from the city with no family background in higher education work and study together to produce, record, and collect stories, fragments of stories, and many other diverse representations of the lives of Sheffield people, and the `life´ of Sheffield.

Storying SheffieldStorying Sheffield has many different strands, but in general it brings diverse people together to learn about and then produce stories and other creative representations of people’s lives and identities, and more broadly about the ‘life’ of this major UK city. The project has worked with many different groups of people including people who are long-term users of mental health services; people with physical disabilities; older people, some who live with dementia; primary school students; new migrants to the UK; patients in secure hospitals; and others.

The project is run by Professor Brendan Stone and Dr David Forrest.

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