Academic and Transferable Skills Development

As well as learning about your subject, throughout your degree you will have opportunities to develop academic and transferable skills. These skills are likely to include how to: write academic essays or reports, do presentations, work in teams, plan and manage your time, find, evaluate and accurately cite and reference material from diverse sources such as books, journals and the internet, and how to make the best use of IT. They are part of a broader set of skills and attributes that the University would like you to have achieved by the time you graduate (see the Sheffield Graduate). As well as being essential to help you do well in your degree and any further study, we know that employers value these skills, so by gaining them you should also be better prepared for employment.

Additional Support

The Academic Skills Hub (TASH) provides additional guidance and learning resources to support you in developing many of these skills.

The English Language Teaching Centre  provides advice and guidance on developing your writing skills.

Maths and Statistics Help (MASH)  provides face to face support and online learning resources for developing your skills in maths or statistics.

Information about the University policy on ‘unfair means’ (cheating), including a guide that explains what constitutes cheating (for example plagiarism) and what happens if you are found to have used unfair means, is available.

The University has a scheme called the Sheffield Graduate Development Programme which enables you to reflect on the skills you are learning and plan what you need to develop further so that you are well prepared for employment when you graduate.