English Literature guided modules

Please use this list to guide your selection, but keep in mind that places are subject to availability. The final guided module list will be available when you select your modules.

Code  Name of module Credits Semester
EAS1021 Understanding China 1 - probably modern History 20 Autumn
EAS1022 Understanding China 2 - probably History/Literature 20 Spring
EAS1031 Understanding Japan 1 - History of Modern Japanese Literature and Close Reading of Literary Texts 20 Autumn
EAS1032 Understanding Japan 2 - probably History 20 Spring
EAS1041 Understanding Korea 1 - probably Modern Culture 20 Autumn
EAS1042 Understanding Korea 2 - probably History 20 Spring
EDU104 Education, Power and Society: Introduction to the Sociology of Education 20 Autumn
EDU105 Critical Curriculum Study 20 Autumn
EDU106 Histories of Education 20 Spring
EDU107 Child Psychology 20 Spring
EDU108 Social and Historical Constructions of Childhood 20 Autumn
EDU110 The Digital University 20 Spring
EDU111 Making Sense of Education: Facts, Fiction and Data 20 Spring
GEO11003 Living with Environmental Change 20 ACDYR
GEO11004 Why Geography Matters 20 ACDYR
GEO113 Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice 20 ACDYR
GEO114 Exploring Human Geographies 20 ACDYR
HST11002 Land of Liberty? Rights in the USA, 1776-2016 20 Spring
HST115 The Disenchantment of Early Modern Europe 20 Spring
HST116 Empire: From the Ancient World to the Middle Ages 20 Spring
HST117 The Making of the Twentieth Century 20 Autumn
MUS117 Popular Music Studies 10 Spring
MUS125 Music of the World 20 Autumn
MUS126 History of Western Music 20 Spring
MUS127 Composition 20 ACAD YR
MUS133 Tonal Music Analysis and Criticism 10 Autumn
MUS134 Exploring Tonal Styles 10 Spring
MUS140 Folk Music Participation 10 Spring
PHI103 Self & Society 20 Autumn
PHI107 Philosophy of Religion 10 Spring
PHI115 Reason & Argument 10 Autumn
PHI116 Elementary Logic 10 Spring
PHI118 History of Ethics 10 Spring
PHI123 Philosophy of Science 10 Autumn
PHI125 Matters of Life and Death 20 Spring
PHI126 Mind, Brain and Personal Identity 20 Spring
PHI132 Death 10 Spring
PHI134 History of Philosophical Ideas 10 Spring
PHI158 Philosophy of Sex 10 Autumn
REL1001 LGBT Studies 10 Autumn
REL1013 Religion in Britain Today 20 Spring
SCS1001 The Sociology of Everyday Life 10 Autumn
SCS1003 Understanding Inequality 10 Autumn
SCS1005 Gender, Sexuality and Society 10 Spring
SCS1007 Introducing Criminology 10 Autumn
SCS1011 Classical Sociological Theory 10 Spring
SCS1029 Welfare Politics and the State 10 Spring
SCS11001 Introduction to Media and Communication in Society 10 Autumn
TRP105 The Environmental Challenge 10 Spring
ELL112 Sounds of English 10 Autumn
ELL113 Structures of English 10 Autumn
ELL110 Varieties of English 20 Autumn
ELL120 Linguistic Theory 20 Spring
ELL114 History of English 20 Spring
ELL118 Early Englishes 20 Autumn
LIT180 Studying Theatre: A history of Dramatic Texts in Performance 20 Autumn
COM1002 Foundations of Computer Science 20 ACDYR
AAP108 World Civilisations 20 Spring
AAP110 Classical World and its Legacy 20 Spring
AAP113 Revealing the Past 20 Spring
AAP116 Towards Modernity: anthropology, archaeology & colonialism 20 Autumn
AAP117 Archaeology of Britain: From Prehistory to the Industrial Revolution 20 Autumn
AAP118 Human Origins, Migration and Identities 20 Autumn