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Embedded Enterprise Case Studies

The University of Sheffield recognises a number of enterprising capabilities which students are able to experience and develop within modules, course components or individual learning activities that are enterprising:

  1. Authentic problem enquiry and response
  2. Innovation and creativity
  3. Calculated risk taking
  4. Taking action
  5. True collaboration

They are referred to as 'capabilities' rather than skills because with enterprise, the key factor is doing something with those skills.

USE Academy undertakes on-going research, mapping and evaluation to identify where – and how – enterprising capabilities are embedded successfully within the curriculum across the institution. The case studies provided in this section provide examples of modules that particularly stand out as developing these capabilities.

Case studies are available in USEA's 'Embed Enterprise' blog.

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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know anything more about any of the case studies featured here, or if you yourself would like to provide USE Academy with a case study.