Meetings take place across the network to identify plans and progress but also introduce members and kick-off events, launch projects or pilot studies!

Glasgow Meeting




The Beatson, 1st December 2016

EpiStressNet travelled to the University of Glasgow to develop new ideas for research questions that could help to elucidate how the allostatic burden engendered by social stressors increases chronic disease risk.

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Impact Workshops



Three Impact workshops with stakeholders will be taking place over 2017.

More information coming soon

EpiStressNet Kick-off Meeting


The Ridge, 3rd March 2016

EpiStressNet kicks-off introducing network members to each other, short talks, discussions and Professor Isabelle Mansuy has kindly offered to travel from the University of Zurich to give a talk.

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Bristol Launch Meeting


M Shed, 9th December 2015

Epigenetics launch meeting brought together the groups which where successful in obtaining funding by the BBSRC/ESRC epigenetics initiative and allowed each network or project lead to share information on aims and plans.

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