Title Source File Link Publication date
The role of epigenetics in renal ageing NATURE Reviews | Nephrology filelogo linklogo June, 2017
Suicide in Scottish military veterans: a 30-year retrospective cohort study Occupational Medicine linklogo May, 2017
Socioeconomic indicators in epidemiologic research: A practical example from the LIFEPATH study PLOS|One filelogo linklogo May, 2017
Race in an epigenetic time: thinking biology in the plural The British Journal of Sociology filelogo linklogo March, 2017
The ‘cognitive footprint’ of psychiatric and neurological conditions: cross-sectional study in the UK Biobank cohort Acta Psychiatr Scand filelogo linklogo March, 2017
Socioeconomic status and the 25 × 25 risk factors as determinants of premature mortality: a multicohort study and meta-analysis of 1·7 million men and women The Lancet filelogo linklogo March, 2017
Have we seen the geneticisation of society? Expectations and evidence Sociology of Health and Illness filelogo linklogo March, 2017
DNA methylome analysis identifies accelerated epigenetic ageing associated with postmenopausal breast cancer susceptibility European Journal of Cancer filelogo linklogo February, 2017
A guide to designing germline-dependent epigenetic inheritance experiments in mammals NATURE METHODS | REVIEW linklogo February, 2017
The epigenetic impacts of social stress: how does social adversity become biologically embedded? Future Medicine filelogo linklogo November, 2016
Is Poverty Decentralizing? Quantifying Uncertainty in the Decentralization of Urban Poverty Annals of the American Association of Geographers filelogo linklogo September, 2016
Is the housing market blind to religion? A perceived substitutability approach to homophily and social integration Urban Studies filelogo linklogo June, 2016
Five rules of thumb for post-ELSI interdisciplinary collaborations Journal of Responsible Innovation filelogo linklogo June, 2016
Histone modifications in zebrafish development Methods in Cell Biology filelogo linklogo June, 2016
A life course approach to explore the biological embedding of socioeconomic position and social mobility through circulating inflammatory markers Scientific Reports filelogo linklogo April, 2016
The biosocial: sociological themes and issues Wiley Online filelogo linklogo March, 2016
Epigenetic memory in response to environmental stressors Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology linklogo March, 2016
Spatial Random Slope Multilevel Modeling Using
Multivariate Conditional Autoregressive Models:
A Case Study of Subjective Travel Satisfaction in
Annals of the American Association of Geographers filelogo linklogo November, 2015
Long-term Realism and Cost-effectiveness: Primary Prevention in Combatting Cancer and Associated Inequalities Worldwide J Natl Cancer Inst filelogo linklogo September, 2015
Life-course socioeconomic status and DNA methylation of genes regulating inflammation Int J Epidemiol filelogo linklogo August, 2015
The biological embedding of social differences in ageing trajectories J Epidemiol Community Health filelogo linklogo August, 2015
Epigenetics for the social sciences: justice, embodiment, and inheritance in the postgenomic age New Genetics and Society filelogo linklogo May, 2015
Experience-sensitive epigenetic mechanisms, developmental plasticity, and the biological embedding of chronic disease risk. WIREs Syst Biol Med filelogo linklogo April, 2015
Scrutinizing the epigenetics revolution BioSocieties filelogo linklogo August, 2014
The social brain meets the reactive genome: neuroscience, epigenetics and the new social biology Hum Neurosci filelogo linklogo May, 2014
How biology became social, and what it means for social theory The Sociological Review filelogo linklogo March, 2014

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