Assessment of Work

Erasmus+ students are assessed in the same way as all other University of Sheffield students. This means that they must sit examinations and complete written work as set by the academic department delivering their modules.

Examinations normally consist of a written or practical test to be completed within a set period of time (for example, two or three hours). They are held in strict silence and invigilated by University staff.

Some modules are assessed by essay only. Make sure you find out when the final day for submitting your essay is as soon as you can.

Plagiarism and Collusion

You MUST read the University regulations and guidance about plagiarism and collusion. The rules apply to all students registered at the University of Sheffield.

Information on Plagiarism and Collusion

When will I receive my grades?

Grades for undergraduate modules are normally released as follows:

  • Mid-March (autumn semester grades)
  • Mid-July (full-year / spring semester grades)

The grades cannot be released any sooner than this.

How will I receive my grades?

The grades are issued via a highly secure online system called 'ShARe'.

Towards the end of the semester, you will receive an email granting you access to the system. The email will contain further instructions on how to access your grades and share them securely with your home university.

You will still have access to your account for a month after you have completed your studies in Sheffield.

An Important Note on Postgraduate Grades

Final grades for postgraduate taught modules are released in November each year. This is because they have to be moderated by an external examiner. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Your host academic department in Sheffield may be able to issue you with a letter containing the provisional grades if your home university needs to receive something sooner than this.