Erasmus+ Disability Supplement

Extra Erasmus+ funding is available for students with disabilities or academic support needs. This is in addition to the main Erasmus+ grant.

Applications for this supplement are considered on a case by case basis by the British Council, with the amount of funding available determined by.

Global Opportunities & Exchanges cannot guarantee that you will receive the funding, but will support your application if you feel you are eligible.

How to Apply

Applications must be made as early as possible before the exchange/placement begins. Contact Global Opportunities & Exchanges for a copy of the latest form.

Once completed and signed, the original form must be sent to Global Opportunities & Exchanges along with original copies of the following documentation:

• a full account of your individual circumstance

• a statement by a medical practitioner or specialist of the level of disability and the precise additional requirements

• a detailed cost estimate of the special requirements

• any other appropriate supporting documentation

• evidence that other UK sources of funding have been exhausted together with details of financial support or support in kind (e.g. care assistant) that will continue during the Erasmus mobility period

• an estimate of the total complementary sum requested

The Disability & Dyslexia Support Service can assist you in putting together the application and supporting documents.

Global Opportunities & Exchanges must sign the completed application form and send it off, along with the supporting documents, to the British Council.

If your Application is Successful

Global Opportunities & Exchanges will inform you of the total allocated amount that the British Council has approved you to receive.

We will normally transfer 70% of the total amount to you once the funds have been made available to us.

You then need to keep a tally of your expenditure during the period abroad and save all proof of payments (receipts, booking print-outs etc.)

No later than 30 days after you have completed your exchange/placement, you must complete an expenses report detailing the above and send that to Global Opportunities & Exchanges.

We will then assess the actual expenditure and balance out the payment, allocating the final 30% of the funding if you have provided evidence of spending he entire amount.

If you cannot provide evidence of expenditure for the 70% you have so far received, we will have to ask you to repay some of the funds.