Funding and Finances

Funding your period abroad can be a big concern. The sections below provide tailored information and advice on funding and finances for outbound Erasmus students.

UK Student Loans

If you normally apply for a UK Student Loan, you are strongly advised to apply for one for your period abroad. Being an Erasmus+ student does not affect your eligibility to apply for one.

It is your responsibility to supply full information of your period abroad to your academic department and to Student Finance for your funding. This information will be used to ensure that University records are correct and the correct tuition fee is applied.

"Student Finance has asked me to obtain written evidence of my year/semester abroad plans!"

Once your academic department has informed the Student Administration Service of your period abroad plans, the Student Administration Service will pass this information on to Student Finance electronically.

Student Finance should therefore not ask you to obtain written confirmation from the University of Sheffield of your year/semester abroad plans.

sfeIf they do, or if they ask you to complete their 'Course Abroad Form', please contact SSiD in the Students' Union:


"Help! My Student Loan assessment is much lower than usual!"

As an Erasmus+ student, you are entitled to have the maintenance part of your Student Loan maintained, whether you are studying at an Erasmus+ partner university or undertaking a paid or unpaid work placement/teaching assistantship.

Your tuition fee loan should be in line with what you have been asked to pay to the University of Sheffield. For further information on this, see the Tuition Fees tab.

"Can I appeal against my Student Loan assessment?"

You can follow Student Finance's appeals procedures and ask for the maintenance part of your Student Loan to be re-assessed if it is lower than usual.

We recommend that you point Student Finance to its own policy on Erasmus+, which can normally be found here:

Policy documents

The Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union is happy to assist you in appealing and can also help with other Student Finance related problems:

Tuition Fees

As an Erasmus+ student, you should not be requested to pay any tuition fees to your host university. However, some universities charge small fees for the use of facilities such as the Students' Union.

The tuition fee payments to the University of Sheffield will vary depending on your arrangements:

Current Policy* - Undergraduate Students

UK/EU Students

Full Year Abroad £1,385 (instead of £9,250)
One Semester abroad, one semester in Sheffield £5,317 (instead of £9,250)

*Fees were correct at the point of publication.

Postgraduate and Non-UK/EU Students

Postgraduate and non-UK/EU student fees can vary depending on the programme of study.

You should contact the Fees Office for further information:

Fees Office Contact Details

UK Tuition Fee Loan

You should only apply for the tuition fee loan amount that you have been requested to pay by the University of Sheffield.

For example, if you only have to pay £1,385 to Sheffield during your year abroad, you should only apply for a tuition fee loan to cover that amount.

If there is a discrepancy in the amount Student Finance states you must borrow and the amount the University of Sheffield states you must pay, then contact the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) in the Students' Union.

Erasmus+ Grants


Information on how to claim the Erasmus+ Grant can be found here.

The Erasmus+ grant is not means tested and most students taking part in an Erasmus+ exchange or placement are eligible to receive it.

Note on Brexit: You can read the latest updates on the UK's position in the Erasmus+ programme and Brexit on the Erasmus+ National Agency website. 

Further information on the eligibility criteria can be found here:

Eligibility Criteria

Important Note

The Erasmus+ grant is only intended to assist you with additional costs incurred through living abroad. It is not enough to cover all your expenses and should not be relied on for essential living costs such as food and rent.

If you normally apply for a maintenance loan and/or grant to fund your studies, we strongly recommend that you do so for your period abroad.

Erasmus+ Grant factsheet

The Erasmus+ Grant factsheet for students abroad during the 2019-20 academic year can be found here:
Erasmus+ grant factsheet 2019-20

Supplementary funding for low-income students

On top of the main Erasmus+ grant, students with a household income of less than or equal to £25,000 can claim an additional monthly supplement.

If your family income is assessed by Student Finance UK for student loan purposes:

We can automatically identify you as being eligible for this supplement. If so, we will contact you in late September when the most recent financial data has been received. If you believe you are eligible but have not heard from us by mid November, then contact us as soon as possible.


If you are not assessed by Student Finance UK and believe your family income is equivalent to £25,000 or below:

You can contact the Financial Support Team, which will make assessments in late September with all other student information, on a case-by-case basis.

In order to assess your case they will require the below evidence. If you are not able to provide the required evidence then unfortunately, you will not be eligible to receive the grant supplement.

1. Student grant letter from your government that confirms you are from a low-income background


2. A tax document from the previous year that confirms household income information

The document needs to be:

  • on headed note paper
  • have an official stamp
  • translated into English


Supplementary funding for students with disabilities and academic support needs

Additional Erasmus+ funding is available for students with disabilities and academic support needs.

Further information can be found here.

University Financial Support

As you will still be a fully registered student of the University of Sheffield during your period abroad, you may apply for the Financial Support (hardship) Fund for unforeseeable expenses or emergency costs.

Students who are eligible to receive a Bursary will continue to do so during a year abroad.                                                                                                                                      

UK students who are in receipt of a maintenance grant, mature students and those with children are particularly encouraged to apply.                                                     

We strongly recommend that you do a new Money Plan for your time abroad. This will help you budget and make the most of your Erasmus+ experience:

Money Planner

For further details on financial support at the University of Sheffield, email the Financial Support Team:

Travel Grant 

You may be able to claim a retrospective travel grant from Student Finance England following your period abroad.

The travel grant is income-assessed and can cover reasonable costs as decided by Student Finance England. Previously students have been able to claim:

  • lights to and from their host country
  • transport to and from their host university or work placement, if it is a distance from their accommodation
  • visa costs
  • health insurance and some medical costs.

Students must pay the first £303 of travel costs themselves.

If you apply for the travel grant you will need to complete a form which is available on request from Student Finance. The completed this form can be signed by SSiD in the Students’ Union.

You need to submit all of your receipts and booking confirmations as part of the application, so remember to save everything.                                                                                                     

For further information on the travel grant, see the Student Finance webpage.