UK Student Loans

If you normally apply for a UK Student Loan, you are strongly advised to apply for one for your period abroad. Being an Erasmus+ student does not affect your eligibility to apply for one.

It is your responsibility to supply full information of your period abroad to your academic department and to Student Finance for your funding. This information will be used to ensure that University records are correct and the correct tuition fee is applied.

"Student Finance has asked me to obtain written evidence of my year/semester abroad plans!"

Once your academic department has informed the Taught Programmes Office of your period abroad plans, the Taught Programmes Office will pass this information on to Student Finance electronically.

Student Finance should therefore not ask you to obtain written confirmation from the University of Sheffield of your year/semester abroad plans.

If they do, or if they ask you to complete their 'Course Abroad Form', please contact SSiD in the Students' Union:


"Help! My Student Loan assessment is much lower than usual!"

As an Erasmus+ student, you are entitled to have the maintenance part of your Student Loan maintained, whether you are studying at an Erasmus+ partner university or undertaking a paid or unpaid work placement/teaching assistantship.

Your tuition fee loan should be in line with what you have been asked to pay to the University of Sheffield. For further information on this, please see the Tuition Fees page:

Tuition Fees

"Can I appeal against my Student Loan assessment?"

You can follow Student Finance's appeals procedures and ask for the maintenance part of your Student Loan to be re-assessed if it is lower than usual.

We recommend that you point Student Finance to its own guidance chapter on Erasmus+, which can normally be found here:

Guidance Chapters, Student Finance England

(Page 7)

The Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union is happy to assist you in appealing and can also help with other Student Finance related problems: