Tuition Fees

As an Erasmus+ student, you should not be requested to pay any tuition fees to your host university. However, some universities charge small fees for the use of facilities such as the Students' Union.

The tuition fee payments to the University of Sheffield will vary depending on your arrangements:

Current Policy* - Undergraduate Students

UK/EU Students
Full Year Abroad £1,350      (instead of £9,000)
One Semester abroad, one semester in Sheffield £5,175      (instead of £9,000)

* UK/EU Students beginning their University of Sheffield undergraduate degree course in September 2017 will be charged £1,385 for a full year abroad or £5,317 for a semester abroad. The tuition fees may increase again from 2018.

Postgraduate and Non-UK/EU Students

Postgraduate and non-UK/EU student fees can vary depending on the programme of study.

Please contact the Fees Office for further information:

UK Tuition Fee Loan

You should only apply for the tuition fee loan amount that you have been requested to pay by the University of Sheffield.

For example, if you only have to pay £1,350 to Sheffield during your year abroad, you should only apply for a tuition fee loan to cover that amount.

If there is a discrepancy in the amount Student Finance states you must borrow and the amount the University of Sheffield states you must pay, please contact the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) in the Students' Union.