Explore a new idea

Your time at University is the ideal time to have new experiences and explore new ideas. Being open minded and being keen to look at the world from a new perspective can take you down a path you may not have considered before. Increasingly, students are encouraged to be entrepreneurial - this may mean that you have a business idea that could offer you employment in the future, but you may just want to 'think outside the box' about a particular subject area.

Share an idea or start a society

SocietiesPerhaps you have a special skill or interest that you would like to explore further or share with others. If you can't find a society to suit you, start a new one and find others who share your passion.

Campaign for change

Student VoiceGet involved and gain the skills and knowledge to have an influence and make an impact; whether at local, national or international level.


Explore your creative side – whether you are a writer, a performer, or just interested in the arts here’s your opportunity to work alongside performing arts companies both academically and recreationally.

Make a difference

EnactHelp others to help themselves at home and abroad by bringing your ideas and skills to a whole range of commercial and social projects.

Be inspired

Flash SheffieldParticipate in Flash events and be encouraged to develop great ideas of your own by sharing the incredible stories of others who have achieved their goals in life and learn from their advice and mistakes.