Sheffield Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies in leading periodical about Low Countries

Hoevenaar Weijer Vondel

Dr Anna Geurts from Sheffield's Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies in the North is now a regular contributor to leading anglophone magazine about Flanders and the Netherlands

The low countries, a web magazine by publishing house Ons Erfdeel, makes available daily new articles in English about the arts, culture, language, history and society of Flanders, the Netherlands, and their overseas connections. The website, which replaces a well-established yearbook in Low Countries Studies, is fast becoming one of the global hubs for anglophone news, critique and backgrounds about the region.

Anna Geurts, researcher at the Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies in the North, will be contributing regular features about modern history, literature and material culture, thereby strengthening the University of Sheffield's global top position in Low Countries research and education.

Tags: Low Countries, Belgium, Flanders, Netherlands