Unearthing exciting results at Sinop Kale excavations

  • First season of excavations at Sinop Kale, Turkey
  • Attended by Sheffield Archaeology academics, students and international partners
  • Results hint at indigenous pre-Greek or co-existing settlement 

In the summer of 2015, Jane Rempel and Sue Sherratt began their collaboration in the Sinop Kale excavations, an exciting new archaeological project in the heart of the ancient city of Sinop on the north coast of Turkey.

The 2015 season of the Sinop Kale Excavations in progress

International collaboration 

This project, directed by Owen Doonan (California State University, Northridge), builds on more than a decade of survey and environmental research conducted by the Sinop Regional Archaeological Project and its aim is to investigate the nature of pre-Greek settlement as well as the early Greek settlement and its later development.

Student experience

Greer Dewdney and Nick Groat at the 2015 Sinop Kale Excavations

The Sheffield contingent included Archaeology undergraduates Greer Dewdney and Nick Groat and was supported by funding from the British Institute at Ankara’s Settlement of Anatolia Strategic Research Initiative. While in Sinop, they worked with an international team including Alexander Bauer (Queens University New York) and Andrew Goldman (Gonzaga University) as well as students from both American and local universities.


The first season of the Sinop Kale excavations provided exciting results. Located near the best-surviving section of the Hellenistic fortification wall that stretches across the peninsula, three evaluation trenches established initial results relating to the building of the city wall and to an uninterrupted superimposed sequence from mid first millennium BC to the late first millennium AD. One of them also provided hints of an indigenous settlement which may precede the Greek settlement and/or co-exist with its earlier centuries.

These results are highly significant for our understanding of the early Black Sea and demonstrate the outstanding promise the Sinop Kale Excavations hold for future research.
Latest developments of the project can be followed at www.facebook.com/SinopKaleExcavations

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