Worldwide Universities Network Workshop: Multilingualism and Mobility

internationalising the Research Agenda

WUN Workshop

As part of the WUN-funded network project on Multilingualism and Mobility in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres, an international workshop was organised at the University of Sheffield on 29-30 June 2015. This network brings together academics who explore the ways that language shapes and is shaped by diverse forms of population movement, social mobility and intercultural encounters. More broadly, we explore the ways that linguistic and cultural diversity presents opportunities as well as challenges, with the goal of productively shaping public education and migration policies.

The programme for this network workshop consisted of four main thematic sessions: Language and Cultural Heritage, Language and Social Networks, Language and Education and Language Policy and Migration. Over 40 participants from five continents travelled to Sheffield to take part in the event, including delegates from Alberta, Auckland, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Madison and others.

Future events and network

Following the four thematic sessions, Dr Horner led a strategic meeting to discuss plans for outputs, future projects and expansion of the network. In addition, Dr Bellamy led a qualitative methods workshop for postgraduate students and early career researchers. Following these sessions, a group of participants headed for historic Kelham Island to explore the industrial heritage of Sheffield.

A follow-up workshop will take place in Cape Town in autumn, in partnership with the parallel WUN-funded network on Understanding Globalisation: Margins and Peripheries. In addition, Sheffield will host Prof Brigitta Busch (Vienna) as part of the HRI Visiting European Fellow scheme. Prof Busch will give a lecture on the topic of Multilingualism and Emotion in the HRI on Wednesday, 4 November 2015 at 5pm.

The workshop was organised by Dr Kristine Horner (SLC) and Dr John Bellamy (SLC), with input from Su Shen Phan (Erasmus) and Emily Hopper (SLC) who were awarded undergraduate student internships linked to the WUN project. Read Su Shen Phan's report, and see Emily Hopper's photo slideshow.

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