The HumLab has three lab areas:

  • Main lab with soft area and consenting space
  • Sound booth and computer island
  • Eye tracker room (available from April 2017)

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The HumLab contains the following equipment:

Available now

  • Audio recording equipment
  • Response pads (x5)
  • Galvanic skin response system
  • Desktop computers (x5)
  • Eye-tracker
  • Electroglottograph
  • Aerodynamic system
  • Laptops (Lenovo Yoga) (x5), (MacBook Pro) (x1)
  • Tablets (Lenovo 10) (x3), (iPad Air 2) (x1)

The desktops come with:  

  • MS Office
  • Experimental software: EPrime, PsychoPy, OpenSesame, Qualtrics
  • Audio & Video analysis software: Audacity, Praat, Adobe creative suite
  • Statistical analysis software: R and RStudio, SPSS

Equipment booking calendar

Training and support

Statistical consultancy

Dr Jean Russell offers statistical consultancy to staff and students using the HumLab for data collection.

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Equipment training

Instruction videos for using the galvanic skin response system.

Technical assistance

Should you require training or technical assistance, please contact the lab technicians on

Q&A with Dr Hauke Egermann (internal access only)

A Q&A session with HumLab member and Dr Hauke Egermann. Listen here.