You’ll explore the influence of religion, theology and the Bible on diverse world cultures, in both the religious and secular spheres.

The degree courses explore past and present civilisations and cultures, and their interaction. You’ll examine the role of theology and religious beliefs and practices in ancient and contemporary societies, from politics to art, film, literature and music. You’ll have the chance to study biblical literature in its original language.

Our graduates go into a wide variety of industries, such as journalism, social work, cultural industries, teaching, pastoral work in religious movements and Bible translation. 

Students take 120 credits each year. Modules listed below are 20 credits, unless otherwise indicated.

Compulsory Modules

Optional Modules

Year 1

All modules are optional.

A minimum of forty credits and a maximum of eighty
credits from:

IPA1010 LGBT* Studies^
LIT113 Foundations in Literary Study: Biblical and Classical Sources in English Literature
PHI107 Philosophy of Religion*
PHI118 History of Ethics*
PHI125 Matters of Life and Death*
PHI132 Death*
REL1013 Religion in Britain
REL118 Introduction to Islam
REL126 A Life Worth Living

^ 10 credits

Year 2

All modules are optional.

A minimum of forty credits and a maximum of eighty
credits from:

HST2035 The Ten Commandments
HST2042 Religion in an Age of Terror: Ancient Texts and the Making of Modern Israel
LIT272 Good Books: Intertextual Approaches to Literature and The Bible
PHI216 Feminism
PHI219 Ethics: Theoretical and Practical
PHI220 Political Philosophy
PHI227 Religion and the Good Life
REL210 Understanding Islam Text and Transition in the Modern World
REL219 Jesus, Gospels and Christianity
REL271 Sociology and Anthropology of Religion

Year 3 (Final Year)

A minimum of forty credits and a maximum of eighty
credits from:

HST3186 Forced into Being: How Involuntary Migration Created Ancient Israel^
PHI350 Global Justice
PHI370 Free Will & Religion
PHI374 The Radical Demand in Logstrup’s Ethics
PHI379 The Political Philosophy of Climate Change
REL323 Dissertation
REL359 New Testament Texts
REL384 Gender and Religion

^40 credits

This information refers to 2019 entry. Please contact us for details of our provision for 2018 entry. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, but the University can accept no responsibilities for any errors. University programmes of study are continually reviewed and revised and there may be some changes between this document and the provision at the time the student embarks on the programme of study. The University reserves the right to discontinue programmes of study and to amend programmes of study whenever it sees fit. This is an indicative list of modules. Timetable and other restrictions may prevent students from pursuing a particular combination of modules.