• My Sheffield Story
  • Clare Jordan who took part in My Sheffield Story
  • Ryan Bramley talks about his achievements at Sheffield.
  • Greer Dewdney who took part in the My Sheffield Story project
  • Kwami Odoom talks about his experience at Sheffield

My Sheffield Story

Students from across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities have contributed to the My Sheffield Story project. Hear our students tell you their stories, experiences and how studying at the University of Sheffield has shaped them both academically and personally. 

Student stories

Greer Dewdney, BA Archaeology, shares her experience of researching for the Museum of London and working in commercial archaeology as part of her degree.

Clare Jordan, BA English and Theatre, talks about her exciting theatre performances and experience of higher education as a mature student.

Kwami Odoom, BA Hispanic Studies and Philosophy, discusses his year abroad in Cuba and how Sheffield shaped him.

Lucy Lawrence, PhD Archaeology, explores her journey from BA to PhD at Sheffield. 

Nina Schmidt, PhD Germanic Studies, explains how her Erasmus stay in Sheffield led to her PhD studies here.

Matt McNicholl, BA French Studies, is involved in ambitious undergraduate research and wants to enter academia.

Ailsa Cartlegde, BA French and Business Management, describes how studying two subjects and studying in France has increased her employability.

Daisie Brown (BA Modern Languages) tells how studying at Sheffield made her more outgoing.

Lenore Thompson, PhD Archaeology, speaks about engaging with the local community through archaeology outreach projects.

Aysha Musa, MA Biblical Studies, tells us what it's like for an atheist studying the Bible.

Marianne Thurgood, BA English Language and Linguistics, explains what learning and teaching ambassadors do.

A History major, Sam Garwood, PhD Archaeology, talks through her decision to study archaeology at the University of Sheffield.