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The Music department in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is very active outside of the University, and has undertaken a huge variety of work in schools, ranging from the huge, yearlong festival celebrating Children’s Composer Benjamin Britten in 2013, to small scale music consultation and bespoke sessions and performances across their specialisms including folk, world, jazz and classical musics.

Due to this large number of projects, the department has a dedicated, regularly updated web page for their work, which can be accessed by clicking on the image to the right.

MixingThis year has seen a number of curated projects, including a demonstration of Tudor period instruments, music and dress from undergraduates, helping a school choir in a national competition with our world musician in residence, John Ball, and the development of a brand new children’s opera in partnership with 6 primary schools!

Music in the City, a vibrant student-led organisation for schools have spent 2014 getting involved with several exciting projects such as "Spring of Singing" which involved primary school children from all around the city. They also organised "Sinfonia Antarctica" this year - a project inspired by the seventh symphony of composer Vaughan Williams. This involved recruiting volunteers to visit local schools to assist with composing activities in year 5 and 6 classes. Musicians from the University performed their interpretation of this piece of music and the pupils from the primary schools were encouraged to be involved too.

The department looks to commit to the future of music and music education by widening access to music and offering outreach initiatives to schools. As the feedback has shown, the opportunity to allow young pupils to experience an orchestra for the first time can be highly inspirational!

‘This is the best day because I have seen a live orchestra’
‘ When I grow up I think I want to be in a symphony orchestra’

Feedback from pupils at Arbouthorne Community School and Norfolk Primary School, after the Sinfonia Antartica project.

The composer Benjamin Britten worked prolifically in almost every genre. His mastery of the orchestra, his brilliant and versatile approach to musical drama, his ingenuity and sensitivity in the marriage of music and text in song, and his commitment to making music accessible to all by composing for amateurs and children has ensured Britten’s music still continues to enthrall and capture the imagination of audiences around the world.

‘We really enjoyed the project and the children are still discussing it today! Thanks once again for all the hard work and preparation you put in. It was great working with the University’

‘Thank you so much for such a wonderful day. The university students were amazing as were all the primary school students. All the planning and sessions with the pupils were such a success.’

‘Outstanding, fun and engaging sessions and an amazing experience for young children to be part of.’

Teacher’s feedback from the Sinfonia Antartica project.