Students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield

For students

For most students, your academic home will be your discipline and your department. If you are a dual honours student, you will be lucky enough to have more than one of these. But the Faculty can add to your experience in many important ways.

What does the Faculty do?

The Faculty plays a role in shaping your learning and university experience. Big and small decisions affecting your teaching and learning are confirmed at Faculty level. The Faculty also organizes several events each year for students that will make a difference to what you learn. Examples from the past include an event on 'Employability' and 'Undergraduate Research'. In the Jessop Quarter, the Faculty buildings provide a top-quality learning environment for its students.

The Faculty also brings the separate departments together. This provides a more coherent experience for dual honours students and for our postgraduate students. It also allows greater dialogue between the disciplines, enabling greater interdisciplinarity in teaching and also research. The Faculty is the focus for many exciting research events such as exhibitions, concerts, seminars and conferences. This rich intellectual life of the Faculty should be part of the experience of our students. The outstanding and innovative research that academic staff conduct underpins all teaching in the Faculty, which is research-led.

Students are involved in the key decision-making committees of the faculty:

  • the Learning and Teaching committee
  • the Postgraduate committee
  • the Research and Innovation committee

Attend lectures outside of your department

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities invites students to attend a variety of lectures offered within the Faculty, even if they are not held in your department. Click here to download a list of available lectures.

Please be aware that as you are not enrolled on the module you should not take any assessments or otherwise partake in elements of the module.

We hope you will take advantage of this initiative and explore new areas of interest or learn about different elements that are of relevance to your course.

Get involved and influence things

The Faculty Student Forum is an informal group where students from across the FCAH come to discuss shared issues. It comprises undergraduate, taught and research postgraduate students. Though a member of staff is present, this is a student-centred group. The Forum elects student representatives onto the Faculty Learning and Teaching and Postgraduate Committees. At the Forum, students discuss a range of issues, often arising from departments.

These are taken by the Faculty Student Reps to the Faculty Committees. This is the way that our students engage in the formal Faculty structures.

The Forum can also take the lead on organizing Faculty Projects by students for students.

Do you have an issue you wish to raise? If there is something you wish to discuss about your experience of learning and teaching, you can take this to your departmental Staff-Student Committee. From here, issues can then be taken to the Faculty Student Forum. Alternatively, you could contact your departmental Faculty rep and ask them to bring it directly to the Forum.