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Achieve More: ThinkCreate

Student group.ThinkCreate is a core compulsory module for all Level 1 students. It gives first-year Arts and Humanities students the opportunity to engage with questions and problems that are of relevance to their own disciplines of study and the world around us.

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The challenge

Over the course of one week, students are asked to think about some of the ethical, cultural and issues surrounding the work undertaken by partner organisations we have worked with, such as the National Trust, Museums Sheffield, EY and Sheffield Faiths Together.

Working in interdisciplinary groups, students create a digital artefact that demonstrates the scope of their inquiry in relation to a topic of their choice. This can take the form of a short film, SWAY presentation, design an 'app' or a computer game; the only requirement is that it can be shared digitally. In addition, students will produce a digital presentation that explains the function of the artefact and the decisions which led to its creation.

At the end of the week, students will have the opportunity to introduce their artefact to their peers, alumni and external partners in a curated exhibition at the Octagon.

Support and guidance

Each student group is supported by a postgraduate research research student who will advise them during ThinkCreate. Students will attend lectures, invited talks by expert speakers, workshops on academics skills (which will be useful for their entire academic experience) and will get to know students from subjects who they will otherwise never have met.


ThinkCreate aims to provide students with an opportunity to:

  • experience interdisciplinary working through engagement with a problem or challenge connected to a ‘real world’ issue;
  • develop academic skills and understanding of how Arts and Humanities subjects relate to broader societal concerns;
  • enhance employability-related skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, project management, confident communication and professionalism.

Further information

To find out more, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook. Students taking part in ThinkCreate 2016/17 will be able to access further information on MOLE for ThinkCreate ( IPA 101 Module ) from 1st November 2016.

Contact us

Students with questions about the module, that can’t be answered via the website or MOLE, should email
Academics who would like to be involved, potential partners and sponsors should email Helen Dulake.

Strategic Curriculum Change

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The ThinkCreate challenge in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities forms part of the Strategic Curriculum Change initiative which started in 2014-15. This exciting initiative is being developed further so that all second year students will take place in university-wide challenges in 2015-16.